Plus One at an Amish Wedding


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ab-840389 / 10

Amish fun

This was a better than usual UP TV movie. The scenery was so beautiful and the acting was fine. If I had to make a criticism it would be the wardrobe that April chose to wear to meet her boyfriend's Amish family. When she was packing her suitcase, her friend pointed out that the Amish dress differently and basically held up a spaghetti string shirt to say "don't wear this". But when they show April coming to Amish country she is wearing a cut in sleeveless top and pants. The next day she is wearing a dress, but it also has her shoulders exposed. April is an intelligent Doctor from New York, how did she miss that you don't wear this type of exposed clothes to Amish country? Other than that and the boyfriend's Mom's horrible attitude this was a fun movie.

Reviewed by rg799128 / 10

Enjoyed it. Sweet, but unrealistic.

I am not Amish so I cannot pretend to know their ways and customs. That being said, I have always been under the impression that Amish people do not do schooling beyond 8th grade. So, how did the male lead character manage entirely on his own, to get into college with no high school education, transcript, and make it all the way as a veterinarian? I genuinely don't think it would have been possible. That little mistake kind of stuck in my head the whole movie. The movie was cute and I enjoyed it though. That mom and their beliefs seemed terrifying tbh. It made it seem like the Amish tend to hate everyone who isn't Amish. The Amish ex was really flirtatious which seems also out of character for Amish. The sister had no accent and spoke like a typical teen, so that added to the hard to believe aspect. Still, I really enjoyed it and adored the two leads. They were so great and sweet together and had such believable chemistry. Would love to see them in more, except perhaps on Hallmark and not Amish. Just playing normal American people who fall in love or whatever.

Reviewed by mamachikn7 / 10

Good movie about the two cultures. Much better than Follow Your Heart.

The two leads are married to each other and their previous Amish movie, Follow Your Heart, was one of my least favorite movies because it was unrealistic and rather disrespectful in its portrayal of the Amish.

This movie is so much better! I liked the script and the setting, and the leads were genuinely nice people throughout.

I found it amusing that there were no kisses during the movie between the leads, even though they were in love and had been dating for 6 months. No kisses allowed in these romance movies until the very end! It's a rule, I guess.

The Amish family was initially divided in their acceptance of April, as was expected, but everything turned out good in the end. No villains left. There was love and forgiveness. A sweet movie.

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