The Amish and the Reformation


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by berkmanmanuel10 / 10

Informative and Well Done

This was an informative and well done documentary on how the Amish was born from the Reformation movement. Joseph Graber's first hand experience in the Amish community gave a personal touch to the film. I appreciated that the documentary stayed respectful to Christianity and it's turbulent past. Well done.

Reviewed by silicontourist1 / 10

For Me This Was Just completely Boring! Maybe Not So For Religious Historians...Possibly Amish Too.

If you want to learn something you have to look into it the subject...even if you hate what it is you are seeking information about. Well I like to learn things, always have and always will but, I have only one thing in my life that I have ever hated (hate is not an oft used word in my vocabulary, only when I deem the reason to use it the only way to show how bad I think of a given thing) and that is Religion. I won't go further into that, as this is not the time and place, but, I can tell you that I was brought up in a faith until I left at the age of 14.

I did not feel that this was about the Amish and there handling of the Reformation changes etc. It, to me, was very much a history lesson of why certain changes happened due to the way individuals would think about something. Such as how the Proteststant religion came about with 1 person, in this cae Henry VIII of England, protesting his disagreement with the pope about divorce and thus created his own off shoot religion. I find that this is how all religions come to be because of some egotist disagreeing with rules that do not suit his or her way of thinking and wanting things to be! Thus the majority of faiths/creedos/religions in whatever way you wish to call them are totally fake; especially in America!

So I cut short the viewing as It was, as I have just said, not what I thought it was going to be; also, it was so tiresomely boring (in the way it was being told and presented)!

PS. I am vehemently against a country sponsering a religion. Its wrong in that it is the abuse of power by government individuals, who are most likely religious followers, and thus thrust it upon all the people of the country. Switzerland - nor anybody else - has the right to put that upon all the people in the country who are either of another religion, or of no religious beliefs at all. Its a dictatorship politics to do so! A country is not of any religious soil/ only has citizens who are/aren't religious. Believe whatsoever you wish to but do not shove it down everybody else's throat just because you are a politician and think you have the right or the power to do so etc!

Reviewed by digitalbeachbum7 / 10

Not bad

There are some mistakes in the dialog but this is a documentary which makes great efforts to cover a lot of information. Some things which I don't like, might seem minor or ignored by other viewers, I can't not do so. It is very important in a documentary to get your terminology correct and not to present fallacies.

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