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Reviewed by myriamlenys2 / 10

Black comedy about a marriage going to the dogs

Pippa feels that the bloom has gone out of her marriage : her husband barely notices her any longer and there's very little in the way of romance, intimacy and sexual satisfaction. Her husband, who feels the same, agrees to a divorce. However, the couple begins to quarrel over money and possessions, in increasingly nasty and mean-spirited ways...

I can see where the makers of the movie tried to go here : a "The war of the Roses", Belgian style. However, the movie misses the "Roses" mark - and not by a foot or a yard, but by a mile. It is an unpleasant thing : lazy, slow, vulgar and woefully devoid of wit and invention.

It is also pretty clichéd. For instance, you get one of the staples of current rom-coms : a female protagonist who is surrounded, encouraged and loved a) by a dear female friend and colleague and b) by a sweet couple of male homosexuals. These three people have little else to do but support and adore the heroine, presumably because her whacky antics (or what is supposed to be her whacky antics) are the high point of their lives.

Finally it is my sad duty to report that "Pippa" wastes a superb cast of Flemish actors, including multitalented veterans. Some of these unfortunates try to deliver a performance, which is laudable ; others pretty much phone it in, which is far from laudable, but understandable.

Do spend your time in another fashion. Write a letter to an old schoolmate, telephone your mother, plant a tree : you will feel a lot happier and the same will go for a number of other humans.

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