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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

imaginary would be compelling

5 year old Pete is in a car accident that killed his parents. He is saved by a magical dragon named Elliot. Six years later, a crew of lumberjacks is closing in on their home. Pete is taken with Natalie. She's the young daughter of forest ranger Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard) and lumber company owner Jack (Wes Bentley). Grace has been told many times about a dragon by her father Meacham (Robert Redford). Grace and Natalie find the young boy Pete in the woods and take him in. Meanwhile, Jack's brother Gavin (Karl Urban) goes hunting for the mysterious creature in the forest.

I like the story, the characters, and the dragon. I can't help but think that the movie could be much better. It could improve with less money and holding back on showing the dragon. There is a natural questioning of Elliot as a figment of Pete's imagination that is missing from the audience. By showing the dragon from the start, Elliot is never in doubt. Heck, the dragon is often invisible. It would be more logical for it to be almost entirely invisible and the audience can wonder whether it's real, imagined, or a projection of Pete's imagination. The reveal would be infinitely more powerful. I like Bryce and the kids. Karl Urban is a little too broad. Robert Redford is odd in his role. He's too big of a movie star. The role should go to an elderly character actor from the retirement home. I have no problem with the look of Elliot but it would be more compelling to reveal him much later in the movie.

Reviewed by wraptile2 / 10

What a bore!

The good ol' mythical beast and a boy story, except mythical beast is boring, the boy is boring and literally nothing happens through out the movie.

For a movie that starts off with "What does adventure mean?" there's very little adventure. It feels like a satire with neverending queue of "ave" and "inspiration" moments.

What a waste, how do you even make movie with dragons in it so boring?

Reviewed by mss-143709 / 10

One of Disney's most underrated Live action.

Pete's Dragon is a simple movie,with a simple story about the friendship between Pete,and his dragon Elliott. What I love about this movie,is how easy and straight forward it is,the film doesn't take it self too seriously,and deliver a great message both children and adults can enjoy. Pete and Elliot need each other,but they also need to find they're true identity. Pete is a child who lived more than half of his life in the woods,and Elliott is a lonely dragon who find Pete,and pretty much raise him.

Pros +Pete & Elliott friendship +Amazing cast +Simple story +Amazing special effect +Great score +Great action & humor +Feel good ending

Cons -Lack of real villains -It doesn't take any risk

Overall: 9.0/10 Amazing movie that reminded me of my childhood.

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