Rumble on the Docks


Action / Crime / Drama / Film-Noir

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Robert Blake Photo
Robert Blake as Chuck
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James Darren as Jimmy Smigelski
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Celia Lovsky as Anna Smigelski
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Timothy Carey as Frank Mangus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

James Darren

Jimmy Smigelski (James Darren) is the leader of the Diggers, a teen gang running around the New York docks area in Brooklyn. Their big rival are the Stompers. Jimmy's father is a honorable business owner who is rallying the locals against the mobsters. Jimmy is befriended by racketeer Joe Brindo who starts pulling him into the criminal world.

James Darren is a good charismatic actor. He's no James Dean but he's plenty James enough. Otherwise, it's all a bit old style 50's teen gangs. It reminds me more of West Side Story than anything else. It does try to be serious but it doesn't have the sharpest edges. Like Jimmy, this movie is a little out of its league.

Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

Jimmy has some daddy issues.

"Rumble on the Docks" is a film set in the poor part of New York CIty and involves a lot of immigrants' kids running amok. Many are members of street gangs. The Stompers are clearly evil...and during the course of the film they commit an attempted rape, many assaults and hold a little kid by his feet from the rooftop of a high rise. The rivals are the Diggers...and Jimmy (James Darren) is one of them...and the focus of the film. In addition to his hanging with these punks, he is having daddy issues and, to spite his father, he goes to work for a local mobster. What's to come of all this? See the film.

The acting, script and direction are actually quite good considering it's a low budge 1950s B-movie. It has many exciting moments and is worth seeing...especially for a chance to see Darren starring in his first film.

Reviewed by wes-connors6 / 10

There's a New James in Town

On the waterfront in Brooklyn, attractive high school senior James Darren (as Jimmy Smigelski) saves a young woman from being raped by two hoodlums. Kissed and roughed-up, Laurie Carroll (as Della) is drawn to Mr. Darren. He is leader of the "Diggers" and his rival gang is called the "Stompers". Both are chump change when compared to big-time racketeer Michael Granger (as Joe Brindo). He lures Darren, a poor Polish student recently thrown out of his house, with $100 payments and a pretty blonde woman. When Darren is expected to lie under oath in a court case against Mr. Granger's organization, friends and relatives endeavor to turn him around. The unoriginal "Rumble on the Docks" looks like an attempt to merge James Dean with Marlon Brando. In his first film, Darren is obviously appealing. Producer Sam Katzman and director Fred F. Sears appear to be aiming squarely at the 1950s teen audience. Notorious actor Robert Blake (as Chuck) plays Darren's gang pal, but the one who really impresses is sneaky Don Devlin (as Wimpy). Freddie Bell and His Bellboys are a musical highlight.

****** Rumble on the Docks (12/12/56) Fred F. Sears ~ James Darren, Laurie Carroll, Michael Granger, Don Devlin

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