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Reviewed by napierslogs9 / 10

There are not enough "Penelope"s in the world

"Penelope" opens with Christina Ricci narrating the story to us of how she, Penelope, was born with a curse - a pig nose. The film may seem childish and too fairy tale-like but Ricci speaks with such a soft pleasing manner that she reminds us of the best kindergarten teachers reading to us so we relax and settle in and comfortably enjoy the film.

Then we meet Penelope's mother (Catherine O'Hara) she is everything that Penelope is not: high-strung, over-bearing, intolerant. Of course she's just being a protective mother but she's painted in such a light so the audience can relate more and laugh with Penelope. Most of the supporting characters are cliché but they are done over the top so they are actually funny. At this point I should make a caveat, I am a James McAvoy votary. Such that I would be glowing about his role and performance no matter what, so I will be conspicuously quiet on McAvoy to not over-colour this review.

Listed as a modern-day fairy tale for the entire family, I actually found the movie much more slanted towards young adults (a few jokes would go over kids' heads). This would probably explain the casting of twenty-something and 30-year-old popular actors. I, for one, am glad that they made a film for me with no violence, vulgarity, action or effects and instead filled it with light-hearted, romantic, feel-good messages about loving yourself. And they somehow did that with out being saccharine or sappy.

Reviewed by Prismark106 / 10

Pig out

Penelope is a modern fairy tale co-produced by Reese Witherspoon who also has a small role in the movie.

Once upon a time, a doomed love affair with a wealthy heir and a servant girl leads to a curse where the next born daughter would have the nose of a pig. As it happens the rich and privileged family has several generations of sons only before Penelope arrives.

Penelope (Christina Ricci) grew up alone with only the family and butler in attendant as her parents had faked her death. However she is now at an age to get married but all suitable suitors run away once they see her nose.

James McAvoy is Max who has been put up by a journalist to unveil Penelope and her pig nose to the world.

The film is brisk, quirky and charming enough. Ricci and McAvoy provide enough substance in the love story to keep you interested. Catherine O Hara is the pushy mother and watch out for the butler with training shoes who runs after the suitors who flee to keep them quiet.

The story is simple and charming enough. Ultimately Penelope needs to accept herself rather than care what the world thinks about her.

The location shooting took place in the UK but with an American setting so you will see many familiar British actors popping up.

Reviewed by MartinHafer9 / 10

Show this one to your kids--it has some great lessons for life.

"Penelope" is a fantasy movie--a modern fairy tale that is bound to charm you if you give it a chance. It begins by learning that the Wilhern family is immensely wealthy and well-connected--but it also has a curse. It seems that long, long ago, one of the Wilherns dishonored a young lady and his callousness towards her was rewarded by a witch's curse--that the female Wilherns will be hideously ugly. Fortunately for the Wilherns, as the years passed, they kept having sons...until recently when Penelope was born. Poor Penelope (Ricci) was born with a pig-like nose and the problem is greatly exacerbated by a mother (Catherine O'Hara) who seems more concerned about herself and her image than her daughter. So, out of her own selfishness, the mother fakes her daughter's death and keeps her locked up in their mansion. So, while Penelope's life is pleasant in many ways, she isn't allowed to leave or really have a life of her own. This plan, however, has a HUGE problem-- if Penelope isn't allowed to see anyone, how can the curse be broken?! And how is the curse broken--when she ultimately finds true love with 'one who will love her faithfully.'

Once the family begins experimenting and allowing rich, spoiled and eligible young men to court their supposedly dead daughter, Penelope, the magnitude of this problem becomes apparent--as date after date run from the mansion in horror at the sight of Penelope's amazing nose. However, one of them is upset because when he tells others that Penelope is 'a freak', everyone thinks he's losing his mind. And, as the heir apparent to running a corporation, unless he can prove Penelope and her freakish nose exist, he'll never assume his role as head of the corporation. So, he hires a guy to pretend to be interested in her-- hoping this down and out guy can get the goods on Penelope. Where does all this go and why is the film so magical? See the film and find out for yourself.

This film has two huge things working for it. It's very well written and you cannot help but enjoy the story--especially since it's a modern fairy tale with some wonderful life lessons for the viewers. The other bit plus is the acting--with Ricci and O'Hara doing their best to make their characters lovable and hateful respectively. All in all, I truly believe that if this film had been properly marketed, it would have been a blockbuster. As it is, it's a film with a small but strong underground following. Several people I know also saw and loved the film. So see it and get the word out--it's a terrific film for everyone in the family and offers so much more than most fairy tales.

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