Paper Angels



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel8 / 10

Good message and good actors - not the usual trite Christmas movie

This is a more serious Christmas movie with good actors. The two intertwining stories are realistic and interesting. Matthew Settle of Gossip Girl plays a financially struggling business owner with twins on the way. Josie Bissett plays an abused wife who takes her kids to settle down in the same town where they face money troubles. She is quite good in less glamorous roles than usual. Her son faces some bullying. Liked the way he overcame his troubles. The stories intertwine cleverly. The message isn't too preachy it's about charity - the Paper Angels in the title.

A change from the more trite romantic Christmas movies out there. This one has a message and a watchable cast.

Reviewed by inkblot117 / 10

Very inspiring, as all Christmas movies should be

Thomas (Rustin Gresiuk) is a transplanted high schooler with difficult circumstances. His mother Lynn (Josie Bissett) left his abusive and alcoholic father days ago, taking Thomas and his younger sister with her, in secret. Now, they live in a dumpy apartment and are among the poorest kids at school. Yet, Thomas understands and wants to be part of forging a new life for his family. Meanwhile, a local businessman, Kevin (Matthew Settle),a devout Christian whose wife is expecting twins, has had some setbacks in his company. Clients have withdrawn in bad economic times and he's uncertain if he can gain new ones. Not only this, but one of the twins is having some difficulties, according to the doctor. Its no surprise when Matt's wife is put on bed rest. Sensing his increased stress level, the wife encourages Kevin to go back to coaching high school level basketball at the local teen charity organization. He does and he runs into Thomas, where they become friends. But, more heartache awaits Thomas. He is being bullied at school, even to crossing heads with another talented roundball player. Then, his hard working mother announces that her kids must make a Christmas list, as the only gifts they will receive are from a "paper Angel" tree, where those with the means help those more unfortunate. How humiliating for Thomas! This nice Christmas film looks like a romance on the cover but its not. The main star is Gresiuk, who shines as the truly "good kid" Thomas. Settle is fine as the stressed impending father while Bissett is good as the woman who struggles to restart her life. All of the rest of the players, sets, costumes, script and direction are above average, too. Best of all, Paper Angels is about bringing Christ-like spirit to Christmas and everyday living, too. We can all use an inspirational film like that!

Reviewed by Jackbv1239 / 10


This is a beautiful Christmas story that also has a wonderful take on cyber-bullying. Of course it is another one of those movies that is way too good to be true and that goes double for Thomas. Oh, and bring Kleenex.

Added after second viewing: The story is a little slow developing which is partly because everything is so negative - the implied abuse, the poverty, and the bullying. It makes up for it with an UPtv ending, which although it is a little over the top, it is also spread out a little at the end.

The acting is mostly a little stiff. It's not terrible. The actors avoid overacting. But it seems to lack a little in passion.

Throughout the movie, there are people giving thanks in prayer. There are many references to the guiding of a higher power. There is even attendance at church services mostly Christmas related. But I don't think God is specifically mentioned, or possibly but not in most of the references.

But Jesus is present without ever mentioning his name, and there is absolutely no preaching about him. Instead, Thomas does exactly What Jesus Would Do, and repeatedly. He doesn't curse his enemies, but he blesses them. And he gives to others unselfishly. I said at the beginning in my original review that the movie is too good to be true. And it is, except that one time in history, there was someone who did what was too good to be true and that is the story of which Christmas is only the beginning. So many movies talk about the "Spirit of Christmas". This movie really is the Spirit of Christmas.

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