Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle


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Melissa McCarthy as Woman at Crime Scene
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Cameron Diaz as Natalie Cook
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eric2620038 / 10

It's For Those Who Like The The Art of Fun

Why are there so many negative reviews about "Charlie's Angel's Full Throttle"? McG proves that you don't need logic when it comes to having a good time and a good laugh. Neither do the screenwriters John August, Cormac and Marianne Wibberley. Sure this trifecta of angels may not have wings on their backs, but they sure can defy the laws of gravity. Taken a few pages off of Ang Lee's "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", Natalie Cook (Cameron Diaz) Dylan Sanders (Drew Barrymore) and Alex Munday do what they do best, dodge bullets, survive explosions and kick baddies in the booties, but more importantly, stay as a cohesive unit even through wedding bells that almost split them apart.

Sure it may boarder under glorifying ladies as athletic, clever, voluptuous and dangerous and while we guys are looked down as dimwitted, aggressive and foolish, but "Charlie's Angels Full Throttle" takes us on an energetic ride with enough high-flying action that will surely make Issac Newton's theory null and void. No matter if the plot is thinner than Olive Oyl, the quest that the angels embark on is after two rings (beat that Tolkien) that is needed by the villains so they can gain access to computer information that leads to the people enjoy the government's bountiful ways in the witness protection program. The leading villain is Madison Lee (Demi Moore) a former angel now a dark angel who obsessively needs the rings because if you put the two juxtaposed to each other, it will open up the esoteric information needed so she can sell it the leading mafioso from Japan, Italy and Latin America. While our heroes as expected find the rings, completing their initiative is where the fun commences. The costumers make-up artists (Kimberly Greene and Charyl Beasley Blackwell) the angels go incognito throughout their whole mission even to point of looking stunning like they're painting the town red.

The most fun is that former music-director McG ads more thrills than the previous installment in which the angels are on the hunt working for a man who never reveals his identity. Sure it repeats itself from the first part, but hey, who can ever be bored of the James Bond style opening scene as the threesome save a man from intimidating rouges sport six foot rapiers in the Mongolian mountains? And who could forget the dirt-bike scenes with a no-hold- barred stipulation as they zoom across faster than you can say "Ben- Hur". The goo into a cartoon world where they push and even go far as to outrageously shoot their guns while upside down.

When it comes to chemistry, Liu, Barrymore and Diaz truly have it and the alliance that these three have are some of the best ever displayed in cinematic history. The best part is no one tries to usurp the other one even though Diaz can really dance seductively.

Of course the buzz will be focused on Demi Moore, who's been off the screen for a while exhibiting her her sharp skills and a Renaissance figurine body proves she can be a formidable adversary to the angels. With all the energy needed, this big budgeted film is filled with big stars supporting them like Crispin Glover as The Thin Man, Bernie Mac as Det. Bosley, and the John Cleese as Alex's dad who think due to Matt LeBlanc's subliminal wording has suspicion that Alex is biting off more than an angel could chew.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird2 / 10

Pretty Horrendous!

The first film was flawed, but that was a lot more enjoyable than this. The script was terrible, and what was worse, the actors couldn't do anything with it. Plus, Bill Murray is a noble absentee, and he was what made the first movie. The stunts, where well executed in the first movie, were rather tedious to put it kindly. The plot was slow, predictable and uninteresting. I don't think any of the film was funny at all. I really admire Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, and they are one of two reasons why I am not giving this a 1. Another was the brief appearance of Demi Moore as the seductive villainess Maddison Lee. All in all, I thought the film was awful, too many wardrobe changes, faults in the script, tedious stunts, and unconvincing villains. All in all, a film that makes the first movie look like a masterpiece, which of course it isn't. 2/10 for the girls and Demi Moore(who deserved much better than this). Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca1 / 10

Every bit as bad as the first

FULL THROTTLE is the CHARLIE'S ANGELS sequel which is every bit as execrable as the original. The story is pure nonsense, with the trio of high-kicking girls once more up against a mega-villain and her allies; a youthful-looking Demi Moore is one of the star attractions here in a cast littered with random cameos and the like. Despite the presence of Chinese choreographers, the CGI martial arts fights are ridiculously bad, the special effects among the worst I've seen (the car crash in particular) and the attempts at humour quite pitiful. Other than the MC Hammer scene, I can safely say I didn't enjoy a single second of this.

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