OSS 117: Lost in Rio

2009 [FRENCH]

Action / Adventure / Comedy / Crime

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Jean Dujardin as Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, alias OSS 117
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

More low-brow French fun.

Apparently, there was some OSS 117 series back in the 60s. I have never seen it and know nothing about the films. I do know, however, that just recently there have been a couple cute French spy films starring Jean Dujardin. Neither film makes a lot of sense, but they are entertaining and fun. Previously, OSS 117 went on a mission to Egypt. Now he's being sent to Rio to track down an ex-Nazi and obtain a list of French collaborators. Oddly, this film is set in the 1960s--and the previous one was set in the 50s. No matter, it's the same silly old spy character.

As I said above, the film makes almost no sense at all. The Nazis have two Mexican luchadors (wrestlers in hoods) who run about Brazil in suits! This is an obvious nod to the silly Mexican luchador films where you see characters like el Santo going on dates, fighting crime or monsters or making love--all in the silly hood. There are also some black Nazis--again, this film never tries very hard to make sense! While it is all silly fun, this is still a rather adult movie--much more so than the one set in Cairo. There is some nudity, a lot of blood and a CIA agent named Bill who uses the most amazingly colorful language I've seen in a long time. Also, while it makes fun of OSS 117's racism, sexism and overall arrogant xenophobic manner, the easily offended might still blanch at the film. But considering he IS supposed to be an idiot, his comments about Jews, women and the like are all intended to point out his idiocy.

In many ways this film is like an Austin Powers and Matt Helm film put together. Like Helm, there is the Dean Martin music and OSS 117's manner is pure Helm. Plus, like Helm, Dujardin is a nice looking guy. It is a bit Powers-like....but much, much more subdued and subtle--something you'd never call a Powers film! Cute and entertaining in a very low-brow sort of way.

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg7 / 10

one year after the star and director became well known in the US

In late 2011, "The Artist" got released. It went on to win Best Picture (only the second silent movie to do so),as well as Best Actor and Best Director. Prior to its release, I had never heard of Michel Hazanavicius or Jean Dujardin. Right after I saw "The Artist", I saw an earlier collaboration of theirs: "OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies".

"OSS 117: Rio ne répond plus" ("Lost in Rio" in English) is the sequel to that movie. It's a litany of silly fun as Dujardin's suave spy gets sent to the Brazilian metropolis to find a Nazi fugitive. The movie finds time to make fun of stereotypes, namely the chauvinistic Frenchman and the ugly American. There are a few incongruous aspects, but this sort of movie is all about blatantly silly fun, and it's very much a good time, as was "Nest of Spies". As for "The Artist", its win combined with the Oscars won by "Hugo" have hopefully put the "freedom fries" attitude to rest forever.

Reviewed by kosmasp9 / 10

Part Deux

Well actually there are quite a few "Oss 117" movies, but this is the second one with Jean Dujardin as Oss 117! A third one is about to follow (and I hope IMDb is right and it will come out next year/2010). I love the movies. And you actually don't have to have seen the first one ... but it's great, so actually maybe you should (have)! ;o)

Seriously though: Jean Dujardin is back, as an obnoxious agent, but a lovely one at that. An agent, who does not know the word regret and or the meaning of "political correct". So he hasn't changed (really) from part 1, but that's exactly how we like him. With this movie (and the one before that and surely the one after that),you will either love or hate the movie/character.

So are you into a "Bond" movie that actually is rather a spoof and will you love it? I still haven't seen the original movies, but I'm afraid I'm too spoiled by these movies, so I won't really enjoy the earnest Oss 117. Anyway, I can only highly recommend this movie ...

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