OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies

2006 [FRENCH]

Action / Adventure / Comedy / Crime

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Bérénice Bejo Photo
Bérénice Bejo as Larmina El Akmar Betouche
Jean Dujardin Photo
Jean Dujardin as Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath, alias OSS 117
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes7 / 10

Fun and amusing spoof , vividly performed by Oscar winner recently , Jean Dujardin

A spoof on James Bond about OSS operative stunningly performed by Jean Dujardin . Comedy spy-thriller with Jean Dujardin as inept secret agent versus nasty high-ranking Nazis and arms smugglers . Secret agent OSS 117 foils Nazis , beds local beauties , and brings peace as well as mayhem to Cairo . It's 1955 by time of dictator Nasser and the secret agent Hubert Bonisseur De la Bath, a.k.a. OSS 117 is ordered a dangerous investigation in Cairo , there he has to take his place at the head of a poultry firm . Hubert Bonisseur is the French spy considered by his superiors to be the best in the business , this time his assistant is the charming Egiptyan agent Larmina performed by Berenice Bejo , director's wife . He's been sent on a mission to El Cairo , Port Said , to look for a former agent who has been eliminated . His eventful mission takes him all across Egypt accompanied by a beautiful girl and taking on a lot of adventures , risks and double-crosses . The man is charming , and so is the young girl spy . Filmed on luxurious sets their tale is by turns an exciting intrigue and a love story . He acts as a playboy , this results to be his cover while he is busy investigating , foiling Nazi holdout and bedding local beauties . Hubert Bonisseur De la Bath, a French spy, is in Cairo to investigate the disappearance a French agent . He is he smart spy , or is he an imbecile ? He fights well but he's supremely smug and self-confident, even as he's deaf to cultural nuance and others' feelings , so the odds are even that he might survive .

Funny moments along with embarrassing in this first entry about secret agent OSS 117 with a likable Jean Dujardin , role of the accidental spy who doesn't know fear or danger in this comedy spy-thriller . In this entertaining adventure , the most unlikely intelligence officer in French Secret Service must stop a group of international Nazi conspirators , quelling a fundamentalist rebellion and deal with an intrigue about weapon smuggling . Hubert Bonisseur, a French secret agent who dreams of rising beyond his menial job within the OSS organization, after all the other agents are bumped off is hired to discover a mysterious ring . With one shot at redemption, he must employ all kind of means to unravel a web of conspiracy that runs throughout an ambitious plot . Hubert must use every trick in his play-book to achieve his objectives . For Hugo Bonisseur, disaster may be an option, but failure never is.

This original installment is an acceptable comedy though the formula is well known with 'The Pink Panther' series and recently with 'Johnnny English' by Rowan Atkinson . It stars clumsy Jean Dujardin as one man show accompanied by a gorgeous Berenice Bejo . The movie gets entertaining and hilarious moments here and there. This slapstick picture contains amusing , funny scenes , fresh and diverting moments but also flaws and gaps . Jean Dujardin steals the show parodying the ordinary international secret agent , James Bond-alike , including his ordinary faces , grimaces and gestures ; he plays stunningly the highly unorthodox agent, the inept and bungler secret agent from OSS . There appears two beauties as Berenice Bejo and Aure Atica . The actors seem to enjoy themselves immensely giving funny interpretations . Lively and atmospheric music by Ludovic Bource . Colorful and glimmer cinematography by Schiffman . Other films about this famous spy are the followings : "O.S.S. 117 Is Not Dead" with Ivan Desny ; "Panic en Bangkok" with Kerwin Mathews ; "OSS 117: Mission for a Killer" with Frederick Stafford ; "OSS 117 Double Agent" played by John Gavin and "Vendetta of espies" performed by Luc Merenda .

The film was well penned and directed by Michel Hazanavicius that maintains the slapstick franchise . He also directed in similar style to the original film a sequel titled ¨OSS 117 Lost in Rio¨ with Jean Dujarjin , Rudiger Vogler and Louise Monot . Director and actors , Dujardin and Berenice Bejo , will repeat in the successful and recent ¨The artist¨ including Golden Globes and Oscars . Several chuckles and gags , the result of which is one acceptable entry on spoof genre . The flick will appeal to comedy buffs and Jrean Dujardin fans .

Reviewed by secondtake8 / 10

Smart, snappy, hilarious, stylish--don't miss this James Bond spoof

OSS: 117 (2006)

I wish for a couple hours I was French, because I'm sure there were twice as many gags as I could get as an American reading subtitles. Even so, what a funny funny movie. It's not quite as zany as a spoof like "Airplane" (nor quite as funny, which of course is hard to do),but it takes the Sean Connery vintage James Bond film model and really does a parody worthy of 007. And of the franchise, which of course is bigger than Bond, bigger than Ian Fleming could have ever dreamed.

But hold your horses--this is a parody of the real OSS:117. Yes, a French author created a Bond-like spy in the 1950s, and this movie and its 2009 sequel are really playing a double-edged game. They bring the old French spy to life (the original was a French-speaking American, bizarrely enough),and they make fun of him, of Bond, and of 1960s super slick sexist movies all around.

The star here, the Sean Connery of this spoof (he even looks a bit like the Scottish actor),is Jean Dujardin. He's brilliant. He's funny, campy, silly, serious, and subtle about it all. He plays the role with a kind of oblivious self-ridicule that Woody Allen and Peter Sellers were so good at. It's great stuff.

And he's backed up by a strong, if somewhat predictable, assortment of international thugs, beauties, and oddballs. There are shades of "Charade" here as well as the original "Pink Panther" movies. The scoring is amazing, composed with that Henry Mancini flair to a T and recorded with the familiar bright, echoey sound studio fullness of the time. Equally authentic are the opening credits, which were so convincing I had to double check when the movie came out. I was thinking, wow, a lost 1960s gem.

But it's a brand new gem, or almost gem. Time will tell if this will hold up over the years, but it's a kind of must-see now for anyone into Bond films, the 60s, French humor, or just a well made movie with lots of gags. Like the gag where the noisy chickens go silent when the lights go off, and so our hero delights in turning the lights on, and off, and on, and off. Just wait and listen. It'll slay you.

Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

Sort of like Inspector Clousseau, Indiana Jones and James Bond rolled into one

This was a terribly funny and enjoyable film--so much so that I look forward to seeing the next movie in this series. Jean Dujardin stars as OSS agent 117--an incredibly cocky yet stupid hero. In many ways, he's like combining James Bond and Indiana Jones with Inspector Clousseau. That's because although his character is an idiot, he's also incredibly physical and a bit macho---and amazingly cocky about it. The combination works well--with a character you like but is still rather unique.

The film starts towards the end of WWII. This portion is highly reminiscent of Indiana Jones or an old movie serial--it's action and a cocky appeal. After defeating the Hun, Agent 117 return home--a hero. Now, in the next scene, a decade has passed and he's being sent to Cairo on his next case. Once there, he walks about like he just KNOWS all the women adore him--and again and again he makes a total nuisance of himself. Yet, because he IS still a macho guy, he's able to defeat the baddies and conquer the ladies despite his severely stunted intellect. I loved how the film focused on how incredibly insensitive his character was when it came to Islam--and the scene involving the morning call to prayer is priceless. Despite a nice idea and many clever moments, the film is occasionally a bit slow or loses pace. But, this is not a serious problem and the end result is a different sort of film hero--one you really want to see again.

By the way, look for the scene where 117 is tossed into the water to die. While this scene was poorly done in some ways (skeletons do NOT look like that--the bones do NOT remain articulated once the flesh is gone),I loved how incredibly cocky he was--as after he escaped, he very slowly and very casually made his way to the surface. Clever.

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