Operation Condor

1991 [CN]

Action / Adventure / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

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Jackie Chan as Asian Hawk / Condor / Jackie
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Nicholas Guest as Additional Voices
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Michael Forest as Additional Voices
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gangstahippie8 / 10

Funny Chan Film.

Rated PG-13 for martial arts action, some shootings, and sensuality Quebec Rating:G Canadian Home Video Rating:14A

Operation Condor is a very funny Jackie Chan movie which is the sequel to the 1987 film Armor Of God.However when released in America they released this film first so the 1987 film Armor Of God is called Operation Condor 2 in America.I remember renting this film on VHS a very long time ago but I did see it about one year ago on UPN.This film has all the Jackie Chan charm.Great fight scenes,stunts and action but also lots of slapstick comedy to keep you happy.This film is about Jackie Chan and two other people who try to find hidden Nazi gold but others want it as well.Operation Condor is a funny and good film and I recommend it.



Reviewed by Leofwine_draca7 / 10

The standard Jackie Chan adventure movie - great action, dumb comedy

I think this movie is pretty representative of Jackie Chan's filmography, in that it contains a light plot which is basically an excuse for non stop knockabout comedy and lots of martial arts sequences. While the threadbare plot rips off Indiana Jones and any other big adventure yarns made ten years previously, there's so much action in so many different places that you probably won't notice. This was my first exposure to Jackie Chan and it left me with mixed feelings. On one hand, the stunt work and action was great as expected, even more so when you realise that Chan did it all himself (especially that leap from the motorbike to the hanging crate - awesome stuff). On the other hand, the film does drag a bit and is laden with too much silly old-fashioned comedy and annoying supporting characters.

If you're a fan of such comedy then you'll probably end up enjoying this film more than me, but then I'm into serious movies instead of comedies. The acting in the film is typical for a modern Hong Kong production, so make of that what you will. Jackie Chan is strong in the lead role though and his lovable character is impossible to dislike, and frequently impressively athletic in the action sequences. Highlights in the film include the bizarre opening (which pays homage to RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK by having Chan roll down a mountainside in a huge transparent ball),an excellent motorbike chase through the streets and docks of Hong Kong, various fights and chases in an African hotel, and all-action finale in which Chan takes on the bad guys in an underground base and a huge wind tunnel. Although the action is non-violent and aimed at kids and adults alike, the incredible fast moves are worth watching for any viewer and the fast pacing frequently makes it breathtaking, if not a little overwhelming in places. Just as they slow down for some dialogue, another martial arts sequence starts up. OPERATION CONDOR is a fun film which is very clever in its own way, but can't end up feeling a little hollow to those looking for more than just plain action.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

Jackie Chan action comedy

Jackie aka 'Asian Condor' (Jackie Chan) is an intrepid adventurer treasure hunter. Baron Bannon recruits Jackie to find Nazi gold that was hidden by German commander Hans von Katterling. Ada (Carol Cheng) is the UN liaison in the quest. Jackie goes looking into the German family home. He rescues German's granddaughter Elsa from two Arabs. They are also after the gold.

It's got Jackie Chan's comedic takes and his action stunts. It's got exotic locations. It's a cross between a HK action movie and Indiana Jones. It's got a lot of stuff. I like the stunts like the wind tunnel stuff. I wouldn't call the acting good. Eva Cobo has the short blonde hair, a good body and not much else. Carol Cheng is trying very hard to be wacky. The broad comedy should be left to Jackie. This is a bit too silly so the tension is never that high.

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