One, Two, Three


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James Cagney Photo
James Cagney as C.R. MacNamara
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Pamela Tiffin as Scarlett Hazeltine
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Horst Buchholz as Otto Ludwig Piffl
John Banner Photo
John Banner as Krause / Haberdrasher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by harry-7610 / 10

A Delightful Comedy

"One, Two, Three," is a fast paced, cleverly scripted comedy, with an absolutely stellar performance from James Cagney. Billy Wilder's direction is vigorous and tight-knit, with a tempo that doesn't let up, yet doesn't tire either. One good line after the next, in an original comedy with loads of laughs. But it's Cagney's show, and does he give it his all! This is a wonderful tribute to one of the screen's all-time great actors.

Reviewed by MartinHafer9 / 10

A hilarious and one of a kind film

Most fans of Jimmy Cagney know that he could talk a mile a minute in his films. Few actors had quite the gift for gab on screen like Cagney, but this film manages to take his frenetic personality and shift it into overdrive!! It's like the usual Cagney film combined with a massive dose of speed!! The end result is very impressive--in particular for Cagney, as he practically carried the film with his energy and lightning pace.

Cagney plays a top executive for Pepsi in West Berlin, but he has his sights set much higher with the company. When an even bigger-wig entrusts his daughter with Cagney during her visit to Berlin, chaos ensues and the film is a great Cold War comedy.

This daughter, it turns out, is pretty wild and pretty dumb! So wild and dumb that she falls in love with and marries a rabid Communist after she runs off from Cagney's supervision. Instead of panicking, Cagney sets in motion an amazingly complex and insane plan to make this marriage work out and be acceptable to her parents!! In effect, he is like Professor Higgins from MY FAIR LADY but does it all in much less time!! Along the way, there are many wonderful laughs about the Cold War and the uneasy alliance the ex-Nazis of Berlin have made with NATO. For examples, every time Cagney talks to his German assistant, the guy clicks his heels like a German soldier and when the new husband is picked up by and when the Russians capture the new husband (thinking he's a Capitalist spy),they torture him by playing the song "Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Weeny" until he cracks!! Lots of laughs, lots of clever writing, great acting and Billy Wilder's amazing direction make this a treat to watch.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

fast talking Billy Wilder comedy

C.R. 'Mac' MacNamara (James Cagney) is a Coca-Cola exec in charge of the West Berlin operations. Tension is rising across the Iron Curtain. It's a little over a year before the start of the Berlin Wall. He's trying to introduce Coke to the East. The communists want the secret formula. There is his sexy secretary Fräulein Ingeborg. His wife wants a quiet life in Atlanta. His boss dismisses expanding into Russia and asks Mac to care for his clueless party-girl daughter Scarlett Hazeltine.

The talk is fast-paced. The humor is broad and full of Wilder wordplay. Cagney is an unrelenting engine. He is buzzing with energy and I half-expected him to explode in song and dance. The machine gun dialog is non-stop and can get tiring at some point. This is a feat of performance from the great Cagney.

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