One Piece Film: Red


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Matthew Mercer Photo
Matthew Mercer as Trafalgar Law
Christopher Sabat Photo
Christopher Sabat as Roronoa Zoro
Brandon Potter Photo
Brandon Potter as Shanks
Yûki Kaji Photo
Yûki Kaji as Yorueka
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by youngever_873 / 10


Boring, pointless film. I fell a sleep 30 minutes into it and was awakened by noisy scenes that had no substance.

Much ado about nothing.

The songs were good, versatile though extremely loud. It was a burst of colors and cool fighting scenes where everyone's abilities had a chance to shine and be utilized and challenged by someone who seems invincible . The main conflict is kind of predictable, I saw it coming and it is always the same where so much time is lost till the big reveal instead of using it to strengthen the plot and engaging the characters more.

I regret watching it, the time I lost and the money I spent on the tickets in a weekend that could've been used for something better.

Reviewed by JustOneDude2 / 10

Just why Oda sensei. Just why.

I hate when I rate any one-piece episode below 8 stars. And here this movie is... They use Shanks as bait.

That new devil Fruit, those new costumes, Uta and shanks

Even though I love music and I love One Piece.

But it is over k!ll, the entire movie is musical and way too boring/weak compared to any other One Piece movies.

I use music as an escape when I'm depressed, watch trash anime or read a chapter of boruto manga. It doesn't mean listening to music for hours in the name of the story.

No action.

No good storyline No enjoyment No One Piece soul.

I didn't like any of those songs.

This is just an advertisement for this Singer.

Reviewed by averyad-426603 / 10

What did I watch??

Even fans of the series actually likes this movie??? If I'm being honest, I loved seeing the characters again and it was funny. Overall, Uta would not shut up... The whole movie was singing, it was annoying. The fighting was terrible, if I'm being honest I was going to walk out the theater. I should've watch this for free online, but of course I wasted my money. Never again, this was just corny overall. I will just wait for the series to come out again. It better not have this trash or uta. I even didn't know why people actually would give this a good rating. Maybe it's because the movie hype since it's been awhile.

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