On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Journey



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Reviewed by Andertholl1 / 10

Why should I watch this?

No, I haven't seen it, because I've seen about twenty of these dumb things: lots of video showing nothing; lots of interviews with people who swear they saw something; and no verifiable evidence of any kind.

Note to Bigfooters, Yetiers, UFOers, Flat Earthers, and QAnoners: If it's real, prove it. "Prove it" means provide direct, verifiable evidence that stands up to scrutiny.

And if you can't prove it, then STFU. Idiots.

Reviewed by glenndl6 / 10

Interesting, but...

It covers the wilderness of the American northeast region which is fascinating, but that's where the appeal ends for me. Apart from some incredible artwork, a few interesting encounter stories and historical records, it does drag on a bit. They seem more interested in the wilderness that this legendary entity could possibly inhabit than the actual mystery itself.

Until we have definitive unequivocal evidence Bigfoot actually does exist, these documentaries will continue to trudge along with the same monotony. All flash. Little substance.

Reviewed by tonyhulkgamer2 / 10

Nice scenery picture is ALL it is worth.

Same as the other 100s of bigfoot documentaries. Guys with nothing else better to do. Hey guys, let's go camping! Ok, let's take video showing that we find nothing as usual.

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