Naked Killer

1992 [CN]

Action / Crime / Romance / Thriller

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Reviewed by InzyWimzy10 / 10

Babes, guns, Wong Jing madness

Whoa. Chingmy Yau is one of the most mesmerizing women I've seen onscreen. From her scene in the salon, she really got my attention and held it throughout.

This one's is probably Wong Jing's opus. The storyline isn't the main focus whereas you follow the plight of Kitty. I really loved how her character is played from sexy babe, to socialite, innocent but also deadly. How her relationship with Sister Cindy and Tinam also keeps it interesting....and heck, add Princess and Baby in the mix for more fun!

Then, you have the action. This is HK cinema in its prime and it shows. From gang shootouts, training exercises, and assassinations, the action scenes are fast and frantic and done really well. Plus, Wong Jing's eccentric flair adds quirkiness; recall the crime scene where the cops are looking for something and you'll see what I mean.

A great film with a bit of everything added in. Definitely see it for the beautiful Chingmy!

Reviewed by n101667910 / 10

The Sexiest Action/Thriller Around

If you've been wondering what all the fuss is about Hong Kong cinema, but didn't know where to start, watch this very sexy very action packed film about a bunch of too beautiful to believe lesbian hit women. Sure, John Woo did make the best Hong Kong films around, but this is the sexiest. The female cast is mind boggling, they are so beautiful. And they are filmed so lovingly, the films colours seep of the screen. Yes, the sex/violence may worry some, but it just looks so damn fine. There is one watershed scene (for Hong Kong censorship),where a couple of women make out in a pool, after killing a guy, the bloody water spreading around them. I never said the film was subtle.

Reviewed by hokeybutt6 / 10

Why Do They Insist on Doing These Nice Widescreen Transfers and Then Editing the Movie???

Yeah, I just finished this brand new DVD of the highly-acclaimed, sexy Hong Kong action thriller... and looking over the trailer after it was over I was thinking, "Man, I don't remember that scene... or that scene... or that camera angle..." Sure enough, I check out the running times online and it seems that the US version is 11 minutes shorter than the Hong Kong version. Which seems weird in that there is all kinds of explicit gore evident in the movie... I mean, if they can show a close-up of a fellow getting shot in the family jewels... what in the heck are they AFRAID to show? Probably just some female nudity (since there doesn't ever seem to be anyone really "naked" in this movie... just the suggestion of nudity). One scene seemed to be a direct take-off (homage? copy? ripoff?) of the famous interrogation scene in "Basic Instinct". Maybe it was a more faithful re-creation in the original cut? I guess I'll never know... since it's unlikely I'll ever want to sit thru this again. I just wish I'd had the chance to see the complete version the first time... or at least have a big WARNING on the packaging that the movie is NOT complete.

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