My Sweet Grappa Remedies


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A Nice Film About Loneliness and Hope

My Sweet Grappa Remedies is a film based on a novel by the same name. Both the film and novel are Japanese. I haven't read the book, but I was lucky enough to see the film recently. It is directed by Akiko Ohku who directed two other films, Tremble All You Want and Marriage Hunting Beauty.

Not having read the novel, I was able to judge the film on its own merits and, I must say, I really enjoyed it and was struck by how well it reflects the loneliness so many people feel throughout the world. The film centers around a mid-forties woman named Yoshiko. Yoshiko works in a non-descript job and lives alone in a small apartment. No cat, no dog. Just herself.

Yoshiko narrates the film by writing in her diary. Yoshiko admits that it is a diary that no one will read. She says this with some humor, but she absolutely means it. She is more resigned with her station in life then depressed, but we never get the impression she is anything but unhappy. Her days are spent working, walking home and drinking. Each day is more or less the same. There are brief moments when we get to see some smiles, such as her playfully walking backwards home one night and riding her bike. But, mostly, it's working, walking home and drinking. This changes when two younger people join her office. A young woman, Wakabayashi and a young man, Okamoto. Wakabayashi is very playful and sets her sights on Yoshiko to both tease and befriend. With this new friendship, Yoshiko starts to open up more. In a funny scene while they are having lunch together, Wakabayashi chastises Yoshiko for not letting her know that it was her birthday. She punishes Yoshiko by sucking up noodles loudly every time Yoshiko talks. Yoshiko is taken aback that someone cares. A touching moment.

The younger man, Okamoto, we see less of, but he also takes an interest in Yoshiko. He's a little odd, but Wakabayashi pushes Yoshiko and him together. We never really see much of their relationship develop as we have with the younger woman. But we hear and see the effect it has on Yoshiko. She narrates a range of emotions. Eventually, they become a couple. Again, we don't see so much of this develop as we hear Yoshiko's narration of it. It didn't really seem necessary since so much of the film relies on her narration. He is much younger then Yoshiko, by 24 years, but their romance comes across as believable.

The ending was very sweet and comes full circle with Yoshiko's birthday a full year later. I won't say much about it. Nothing particularly surprising but a nice way to close after following Yoshiko's life for a cinematic year. There's hope and friendship in her life.

So, My Sweet Grappa Remedies, touches on a very topical subject. Loneliness. I think it's a film that should resonate with a lot of people at various stages in their life. So, if you get a chance, it's definitely worth seeing. You might find that it resonates with you, as it did for me.

Reviewed by net_orders7 / 10

Brandy And Loneliness.

AMAI OSAKE DE UGAI (Sweet Sake With Existence [Lit.]) Narrated diary/tale and psychological study of a middle age loner who more or less likes what she is and does, and enjoys the very simple pleasures of everyday life in a quiet section of Tokyo. A much younger coworker strives to get the loner out of her alcohol supported shell. Touches of Shintoism add much. Well directed and acted. Viewed at JICC J-Film event and Japan Cuts. WILLIAM FLANIGAN

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