My Policeman


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Rupert Everett as Patrick
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chong_an10 / 10

Excellent story of gay life in 1957 England

In 1957-8 Britain, there are three "friends". Policeman Tom, Teacher Marion, and Museum Curator Patrick are together, but Tom is mutually in love (to some degree) with both Marion and Patrick. Somewhat for career purposes, Tom marries Marion. Bad things happen.

The film actually starts in 2000, where Tom and Marion are retired and still together. Patrick has suffered a stroke, and Marion has taken him in to nurse, to Tom's annoyance. Most of the action is told in retrospect from Patrick's diary.

The story is poignant. The acting is excellent (I heard it got an ensemble acting award). The seaside scenes are beautiful, and even the music matches well.

I saw this at the Toronto International Film Festival. In the Q+A, the director said he was attracted to the story, not just because it dealt with regret and amends, but for the political aspect. Gay rights are currently being threatened, and there is the contrast between 1957's brutal police arrests in dark alleys and lives being ruined, with and 2000's gay couples walking hand-in-hand down the street in daylight. Young actors with existing fan bases were cast, partly to show their fans what the "bad old days" were like.

Reviewed by hollynicci10 / 10

Incredibly Important Story

I was lucky enough to be able to go to the London Premiere of My Policeman and Oh. My. God. It was so so beautiful and I was crying throughout the entire film. I'm always worried about books being made into films but this one was perfectly done.

The acting was so good! Emma Corrin and David Dawson gave incredible performances as usual! You can definitely see that Harry Styles is newer to acting than Emma and David, but you can tell he fully embraced his character and made a great Tom!

As a young queer person, this film meant a lot to me as it helped me understand more what older generations went through to get us to where we are today and why it is crucial that we don't let it go back to how it was. I'm glad so many younger people will get to see this film and understand how, while it still isn't perfect, we (in the UK) live in a much better place than those in the 50s. I also hope it helps people understand what those are going through in countries where homosexuality is still illegal.

The audience throughout the whole film also appeared to love it as much as me. There were a few laughs, especially at times when Tom (played by Harry Styles) talked about how he's never modelled before. There was also a lot of tears and by the end of the film you could hear lots of sniffling from people crying all around. I don't think anyone made it through without crying!

Overall this is an absolute must watch! The storyline is so important, I really believe everyone should see it. I hope it makes young people realise what people went through for us to get to the position we are in today and don't take it for granted. I think this is an absolutely incredible story that is so beautifully done!

Reviewed by ferguson-66 / 10

the past is always present

Greetings again from the darkness. This is one of those prestige movies that simply isn't as important as it portends to be. That doesn't mean it's unwatchable, only that it lacks the emotional weight and depth to which it strives. Director Michael Grandage (GENIUS, 2016) is working from a script that Ron Nyswaner (PHILADELPHIA, 1993) adapted from the 2012 book by Bethan Roberts ... itself inspired by the true story of writer EM Forster.

The film employs a familiar structure, alternating between the 1950s and 1990s, utilizing two sets of actors playing three main characters. Pop star Harry Styles and his handsome face and lush head of hair plays young police officer Tom, who one day at the beach is introduced to the lovely and educated Marion (Emma Corrin, Lady Di in "The Crown"). The two begin spending a good deal of time together with Tom being the perfect 'gentleman', even after an extended courtship. He introduces art-loving Marion to his friend Patrick (David Dawson, ALL THE OLD KNIVES, 2022),a museum curator who has many common interests with Marion ... including that of Tom.

The decades-later episodes find Marion (Gina McKee, IN THE LOOP, 2009) inviting stroke victim Patrick (Rupert Everett) to convalesce at the seaside village home she shares with long-time husband Tom (Linus Roche, BATMAN BEGINS, 2005). What we learn is that Marion has done so out of guilt and Tom is not happy with her for doing so, and completely avoids his long-ago friend by taking an inordinate number of walks with his dog along the shoreline. If the two time periods aren't enough for us to understand these relationships, older Marion begins reading Patrick's diaries from those past years and learns the details of what she suspected all along. This cruel invasion of privacy goes far beyond the doubts her younger self had when she saw the portrait of Tom that Patrick drew, or the time Patrick hired Tom as an assistant on art excursion to Venice.

The film opens with Dean Martin crooning his classic, "Memories are Made of This", and while it may be an obvious precursor to what we are to watch, it's always a pleasure to hear Dean on a modern sound system. The three characters navigate (quite poorly actually) a messy taboo triangle of love, passion, and deceit, making for a mostly sad story from all angles. It may stress the 1950's attitudes toward sexual preferences, but mostly it shows how the past is always present ... always hovering, even over once-close friendships and loves.

The film opens in select theaters on October 21 and on Prime Video on November 4, 2022.

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