My Little Bride

2004 [KOREAN]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amerh9 / 10

A sweet Romantic Comedy, despite its controversial subject

Several reviewers took exception at this film's depiction of marriage between an adult (a college student) and a 15 year old high school student. I feel the subject was handled with a lot of sensitivity. Arranged marriages are still frequent in many parts of the world, and deserve a movie about them. Millions of very young women still tie the knot before they are 18, in Asia or the near-east or Africa. Why should the subject be taboo? The film does not condone the practice, as a matter of fact it shows how wrong it could be. The pleasure comes from watching these two young people make what they can with a situation they are not completely responsible for. Although the film is light and often funny, it has its share of pathos. Many will recall the awkwardness of first relationships, they are even more awkward in an arranged marriage.

This movie is very likable. The two stars are fun and charming. The tone is breezy throughout, but very realistic. Many of the clichés are there (THe karaoke scene, the dream scene, the misunderstanding(s) at school...),but they are treated in such an offhand way that they don't feel calculated. For a first film, Ho-joon Kim's direction is assured and precise. One of the best Korean comedies I have seen lately, recommended to put a smile on your face, and make you think...

Reviewed by dennisyoon10 / 10

My Sweet, Cute, Funny, Little Bride:)

Sang Min is the typical young college man and a wanna be playboy and Bo Eun is a darling little high school sweetie who has a crush on her school's pretty boy jock. They are like brother and sister since their families go back to their grandfathers' friendship. Grand dad makes Sang Min and Bo Eun marry to uphold a promise he made to his best friend to tie their families together. They both disagree for practical reasons but old grand dad still has some tricks up his sleeve and the love story begins...

High school teen and college twenty something collide in sweet and funny little twists and turns. What seems so irrational to unknowing youngsters is plain for the elders to see. Although the premise of youthful marriage maybe unusual for some, the film is a really innocent and charming love story. You'll fall in love with Sang Min and Bo Eun and you'll appreciate the love you have. The leads do a great job and the supporting cast is highlighted by the Homeroom teacher who has plenty of humorous run ins with Sang Min. 8/10

Reviewed by highflying_falcon10 / 10

Now this is a romantic comedy.....

When I saw the cover I thought that it was just another cheesy love story between a girl and an older guy.

But as soon as I started watching I couldn't turn away...not for a second. Although the story is not very original, the comedy sure was with an excellent cast and humorous antics that will make you laugh and cry.

Although this may sound clichéd, Seo Bo-eun and Park Sang-min do really make a nice couple. Miss Kim was also another cast member who should receive some recognition for her great acting talent, even though she wasn't a main character.

To all those yet to decide whether to go and borrow or rent this I would really recommend it.

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