Easy Virtue


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten52%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled47%
IMDb Rating6.61021529

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Jessica Biel as Larita Whittaker
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Charlotte Riley as Sarah Hurst
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Ben Barnes as John Whittaker
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Colin Firth as Mr. Whittaker
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Reviewed by jboothmillard6 / 10

Easy Virtue

I think I saw a review for this British film on Film 2008 with Jonathan Ross, I was certainly up for trying it because of a very appealing cast, based on the Noël Coward play, from director Stephan Elliott (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert). Basically, set in 1929, the Whittaker family live in a large rural estate mansion, and they are sinking into bankruptcy, but they try to carry on as normal, especially as they are expecting a return and a new addition. John (The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian's Ben Barnes) is returning home from Monaco, where he met and married American widow and race car driver Larita (The Illusionist's Jessica Biel),and with a mind of her own she assumes they are just visiting and then moving to London. But she had not counted on the mother-in-law, Mrs. Veronica Whittaker (Kristin Scott Thomas),she is icy cold and wants her son to help bring the family out of their situation, whereas father-in-law Major Jim Whittaker (Colin Firth) and sisters-in-law Hilda (Fresh Meat's Kimberley Nixon) and Marion (The IT Crowd's Katherine Parkinson) find her charming. As time goes by Larita finds it hard to fit in to the British higher class traditions and the activities and interests of the family members, and after accidentally killing the pet chihuahua she knows that it will cause even more tension. This is of course eventually found out, but Larita also gives joking advice to Hilda about a performance on stage, to not wear underwear underneath the costume, but she took this literally, and more embarrassing, the sister-in-law catches her and John making love. With all these complications between the new relatives, the only sympathetic ear Larita can find is talking to the Major, repairing his old motorbike, and from the servants, including sarcastic butler Furber (My Family's Kris Marshall),all of whom treat her much better. Veronica in the time forced to get to know her son's new wife tried a few dirty tricks and said some nasty things, but Larita is not humiliated by her, but by a newspaper revealing scandalous secrets about her first marriage to an older man dying of cancer, whom she helped die with poison. In the end, with John rejecting her, leaving to his original love interest Sarah Hurst (Charlotte Riley),and having one final argument with Veronica, Larita sees nothing else to do but leave the home and the marriage, with the Major, who clearly has something for her, going with her. Also starring Christian Brassington as Phillip Hurst, Jim McManus as Jackson, Pip Torrens as Lord Hurst, Jeremy Hooton as Davis, Joanna Bacon as Cook, Maggie Hickey as Millie the Maid and Georgie Glen as Mrs. Landrigin. Scott Thomas is terrific as the unhappy mother-in-law, Biel is likable as the unusual American newcomer, Firth does great as the man who admires her very much, Barnes gets his moments being nice and getting frustrated, and supporting cast members Parkinson, Nixon and Marshall get their time used well also. It is a pretty simple of a woman borough into a new class of people, literally, and we obviously see the most often funny events and occasional consequences, the most funny moment being killing the dog and forced to sit on it waiting to dispose of the body, a funny and likable romantic comedy. Good!

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

light affair

It's 1929. Larita (Jessica Biel) is a celebrated American race car driver. Major Jim Whittaker (Colin Firth) is the head of a large British estate haunted by the war. His wife Veronica (Kristin Scott Thomas) manages the estate's slow decline. To her dismay, her favorite John (Ben Barnes) returns married to the brash American divorcée Larita. Larita plans to live their own lives but Veronica has plans for her son to continue the estate. They are joined by John's former girlfriend neighbor Sarah Hurst and her brother Philip. Sister Hilda has a crush on Philip. The stay becomes a battle with a dead dog and some public flashing.

Based on Noël Coward's work, this tries to have a breezy comedic feel. There is some fun to be had but it's not much more than that. Biel fits the modern liberated American woman. Kristin Scott Thomas is a great foil. Firth is safe. However, the movie doesn't excite. The sharpness is fleeting. Like the estate, the movie seems to fade away.

Reviewed by Brian B-28 / 10

Light Frothy Fun and more

I enjoyed this movie a fair bit more than the average viewer, if ratings are to be believed.

This very British film is a nice switch from the typical Hollywood romantic comedy, and does not attempt to squeeze within the conventional mold which runs from Four weddings and a Funeral through Love Actually and beyond. The wry influence of the original Noel Coward play becomes fresh again decades later.

Colin Firth is especially adept underplaying the dissolute father in law. He is just there, being, not acting.Totally believable and convincing. When his character is illuminated in a brief soliloquy two thirds of the way through the movie, he is brilliant, and without the ham fisted exposition of so much modern writing, the entire family story is explained, and powerful social commentary on topics from hereditary lands to fox hunting to war to social decay to euthanasia are digested without chewing.

A great example of "Show, not tell".

Jessica Biel is beautiful, here as always, and is never requested to do more than she is capable of. I particularly liked how the film makers did not beat us over the head with her sexuality, going with a muted sensuality most of the movie, except in key scenes where her full power is unleashed to excellent effect.

Kristin Scott Thomas is well cast as the domineering disapproving mother in law, and the British supporting players are treats, though I thought Ben Barnes as the love interest lacked the presence to hold his own in this cast.

We could use more movies like this.

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