My Favorite Christmas Tree


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Emma Johnson as Kyla
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wayfind7 / 10

Nice Premise Plus Giles Panton

I loved seeing Giles Panton as the romantic lead. He is a great actor and - let's face it - uniquely gorgeous. The first time I saw him in a supporting role, I began hoping to see him as a leading man. His performance in this role was very, very good.

So many of us are interested in our family history or are actively working on our genealogy, so it was very satisfying to have that as a motivating factor in this story. I actually wish it had been the primary factor, rather than having the rather worn "save the family business" theme dragged in once more.

The gorgeous, Christmas tree farm scenery, the small town library ambience, and the presence of Giles Panton made this a nice watch for me. I also appreciated the comraderie between the sisters.

Reviewed by Jackbv1236 / 10


There are some unusual themes in the story. I have never seen one with a genealogical researcher, but this isn't unlike many of the quest movies where the leads are searching for the owner of something found. Both leads are trying to prop up a near or fully failing enterprise.

Kyla is quite perky and friendly. It is hard to imagine that Cody (not Joel according to the IMDb cast listing as of this writing) wants to get rid of her because she is also very pretty. Emma Johnson reminds me a lot Brittany Bristow. She and Giles Patton have quiet chemistry. The acting and dialogue are decent but not outstanding.

The conflict is a real twist and a big one, especially given the fact that up to that point there was nothing at all remarkable in the story. Some of what's involved in the resolution seems like smoke and mirrors and it is at least confusing.

This is a pleasant family friendly movie, but doesn't stand out much from the hundreds of other Christmas movies playing from late October through Christmas on several networks.

Reviewed by cgvsluis7 / 10

Surprisingly pleasurable holiday romance and I totally want Kayla's genealogy job!

This is a holiday romance involving the dedicated and passionate genealogy researcher Kayla and a Christmas Tree farmer owner named Joel who lives in a charming town called Conifer.

Kayla has a mystery on her family tree which was what inspired her to help others solve their family tree mysteries. Joel has his own mystery...finding the hybridizing secret to his family's famous silver spruce. After some initial resistance on Joel's part, the two eventually pair up to help each other. Kayla and her family may have an important link to the town of Conifer.

I loved the premise and the idea behind Kayla's genealogical research job...I would love to do that for a living! The two main actors Emma Johnson and Giles Panton played off each other very well, making a charming couple.

This is a recommendation for all my romantic movie fans.

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