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Sean Bean as Pharaoh
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Hugh Bonneville as Lord Carnaby
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Celia Imrie as Mother
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vostf3 / 10

No mummies. Dumb story, boring hectic pace but nice visuals

Some time ago I had met writers who thought it was easy to put together an engaging family story: put together some contemporary artefacts, mix that with a different, more serious theme that you will take on tongue in cheek, and voilà. Mummies' producer-writer does just that, he tells us the dumb story of Egyptians living 2500 years ago but just like us today. One anachronistic gag is fun, but anachronism galore is a bore, it is so easy, so lazy. Basically you could do the same jokes with the Roman Empire (sounds like exclusive Astérix turf),the Middle Ages, Shakespeare...

Hence the main characters are lame - spoilt - youngsters not pleased with the choices Society is making for them. In case it had too much potential they added a stock cardboard villain with two hopelessly dumb and interchangeable assistants (resulting in negative comical value).

So there is nothing engaging, all is just about rushing to the next task for our small-time heroes. Recreating Pharaos' Egypt for this just feels like a huge waste of time and energy, and you can feel dejected that the producer and people in Brussels (MEDIA) thought this drivel sounded good enough for kids and their parents.

In the end there are no mummies whatsoever, only lots of lame jokes (most of which are meant for adults...) that won't go away like those antique characters (and pets) who happen to dress with mummy bandages.

Reviewed by jp_9110 / 10

A movie with heart.

"Mummies" is a film from which I did not expect anything and I found a well-done production, whose script is fun and gives information about some elements of ancient Egypt, plus the characters are fun and charismatic. The animation is good, achieving a great job in the realization of the characters. The songs, which are few, are excellently written and sung. A different and fun animated film. It is worth seeing it, not because it does not belong to the big Hollywood production companies does it mean that it will be bad as the public thinks. Definitely "Mummies" is a movie with heart made by a group of artists who love their work.

Reviewed by suzannegiard8 / 10

Great kids movie

I never write reviews but for now it felt necessary. I had very low expectations due to reading earlier reviews on IMDB but actually, this movie isn't that bad. It is a kids movie and my kids and I liked it. It is not a block buster as Frozen etc but still just a funny movie. Storyline is easy, but is was funny and my kids (3 and 5) laughed and were intrigued by the story. It is just a funny kids movie easily to watch. Would definitely recommend.

I have seen far worse kids movies (Maya the Bee, Superpets for example). During that movies I checked my watch regularly and noticed that my kids got distracted. But they really liked this one from beginning to end.

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