Much Ado About Christmas


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Susie Abromeit as Haley Lloyd
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Torrance Coombs as Claude Miller
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Jacinta Mulcahy as Leona Lloyd
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv1238 / 10


This is a very upbeat movie. In fact it is a little too Pollyanna. Among other things, there are a couple of shots of Susie Abromeit where her smile is pasted on as a little fake looking.

The story starts in a very vanilla way with almost no tension. The inevitable conflict is very predictable based on Haley's secret. There is the cliché failed attempt at an explanation. Then the secret is revealed to everyone in an unusual way which is kind of clever. This leads into a well done ending.

Abromeit and Torrance Coombs have so much chemistry it contributes to the overly cheerful vibe. It's almost too perfect. Acting is mostly good. The dialogue has some good moments. There are a couple of nice singing scenes including some karaoke which is actually good (as karaoke goes).

I'm glad that neither the boss nor the mother is an ogre. In fact I like mom and daughter's relationship.

The setting is decidedly British, even if it is apparently filmed in Romania.

This is a good kick off for GAC Family's Christmas season.

Reviewed by toddsgraham8 / 10

Love at first sight performances...

This modern-day take of William Shakespeare's play 'Much Ado About Nothing' is the first-ever original movie from GAC Family. And it is a wonderful start to the season, I must say. All in all, it is a beautiful Christmas movie: a warm and heartfelt story with a fairy-tale-like atmosphere, and some wonderful acting and performances. The story centers on Haley (played by Susie Abromeit),a generous and caring person who is loved by the community for her acts of kindness and support, and Claud (played by Torrance Coombs),an advertising executive who is keen to land a big account. At a charity event hosted by the Lloyd Corporation (the account Claud and his colleagues desperately need),the two meet at a coffee stand, falling instantly in love. However, Haley has a secret, which eventually comes full circle. It is a warm and gentle love story, as we watch the two discover each other and fall in love. The script is well-written for this genre of film with some very romantic scenes and dialogue. There are a couple of touching scenes too, which left me a little teary-eyed. For example, there is one between Haley and her mother, Leona Lloyd (played by Jacinta Mulcahy),towards the end that conveyed a heartfelt message. The acting was simply brilliant. Both Abromeit and Coombs had impressive performances. You could feel the chemistry between the two right from the start at the coffee stand. I know it sounds corny, but it kind of did feel like love at first sight. Again, quite impressive. The acting, along with the cinematography, was excellent in this sense. The supporting cast too was superb. Mulcahy, I thought, had a wonderful performance (noting one of her scenes above). Another aspect of the film that stood out was the props, sets, and scenery. These were absolutely gorgeous. The film had a very charming Christmas feel to it, which I enjoyed. You also got to love Haley's plaid Mini. Overall, this is a lovely holiday romance. One that will almost certainly get you into the Christmas spirit. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird8 / 10

Shakespeare goes festive

Modern riffs/updatings on literary classics are very variable, there are some very clever ones such as 'Clueless' and then there are others that are rather derivative and lazy such as the Hallmark updatings of Jane Austen. Shakespeare's timeless 'Much Ado About Nothing' (one of my favourites of his) given a modern festive makeover fascinated me from the get go, and even more so seeing a lot of positive feedback on it from some not easily pleased. It did sound and look good.

And it was. For a film from an non-major and relatively recently rebranded network, 'Much Ado About Christmas' was to me very impressive and as good as the best of Hallmark and Lifetime. Also on par with the best of Hallmark's inconsistent 2021 festive output. As far as lesser known modern updatings on literary classics go, 'Much Ado About Christmas' (again from personal opinion) is one of the best, cleverest and most charming and one of the best of GAC Family's output (the biggest interest point of the film being that it is the first film from them under their rebranding).

It isn't perfect, with the ending being a little too neat and rushed and it being slightly too vanilla to begin with.

Torrence Coombs is a little stiff to begin with, but that he is based on a character who is very bland in the play plays some part in this.

Once he relaxes however, he becomes very easy going, subtly charismatic and charming. He also shares great chemistry with radiant and immensely likeable Susie Abromeit that has a real cheerfulness and charm, while not being too romantic too soon. Really connected to their characters, Abromeit's in particular is relatable without being too perfect. The supporting cast are great, especially the witty turns of James Rottger and Emma Colling, Colling has the most interesting role and relishes it without overacting. Loved the playfulness and initial tension between them.

Production values are attractive enough, especially the scenery, while the music has personality without being intrusive. The script has plenty of cheerful wit, light hearted charm and heart, with no cheese, awkwardness or over sentimentality. The story is both lively and heart-warming, with the take on the play full of liveliness and nothing lazy.

Summing up, very well done. 8/10.

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