Mother Lode


Adventure / Mystery / Thriller

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Kim Basinger Photo
Kim Basinger as Andrea Spalding
Charlton Heston Photo
Charlton Heston as Silas McGee / Ian McGee
John Marley Photo
John Marley as Elijha
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by goosepoop3579 / 10

A movie for those cold dark nights

I remember seeing this movie when it first came out. The opening scene scared the heck out of me. Seeing it so many years later, it still holds my attention.

As is stated already, the cinematography was well done and the acting (particularly by Heston) is first-rate. I thought the director did a very good job of creating an atmosphere that scares as well as intrigues. The story is a good one, the sort that you hear around the camp fire.

And yes, I agree that this should be on DVD. I'd buy it in a second.

A well made movie that stands the test of time.

Reviewed by ma-cortes5 / 10

Action-adventure set in caves and on wonderful scenarios of wilderness Britsh Columbia

A couple named Sean (Nick Mancuso) and Andrea (Kim Basinger) travel into of British Columbia looking for their friend George. Then their aircraft crashes and they are helped by a fisherman (John Marley). Later on, they find a Scottish miner named McGee (Charlton Heston)who is searching a mother lode , a chamber full of gold .

The film is packed with suspense intensified by greed, thrills, good performances and marvelous landscapes. It is a bit slow-moving and a little boring because is mostly set into caverns and only a trio of characters . Tour-de-force playing by Charlton Heston as a dual role as twin brothers who live in isolation during decades searching the lost gold and emerging a violent conflict among them. The picture is a familiar venture with Charlton Heston as starring, his son Frazer Clarke Heston as screenwriter and even his daughter Lydia Clarke Heston as still photographer. It is filmed entirely on location in British Columbia with nice cinematography by Richard Leiterman, though is urgent a remastering. The movie is produced by Peter Snell, Charlton Heston's usual producer who financed the three films he directed as ¨ A man for all seasons¨ and ¨Marco Antonio y Cleopatra. Furthermore, he produced him the motion pictures who directed his son, Frazer Clarke Heston and starred Heston as ¨ Island of treasure¨and ¨The crucifix of blood¨. Nevertheless, ¨Mother lode¨is the worst film directed by Heston. Rating : average but entertaining. See this flick if only to enjoy the lush backdrop of British Columbia. It is only for Charlton Heston Heston fans.

Reviewed by stewball9910 / 10

One of the most underrated movies ever.

The flight sequences and cinematography are superb, and the story is excellent. This may be Charlton Heston's only role where is doesn't play excessive melodrama. It was Kim Basinger's first big role before her starmaking role in the Natural.

It NEEDS to be on DVD.

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