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Glen Powell as Doug Fields
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Julia Stiles as Jane Clemente
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Al Pacino as Charles Abrams
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Alice Eve as Charlotte Cahill
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by siderite5 / 10

Failed on so many levels

The plot is twisting, twisting and twisting again, while characters that seem to be one thing are revealed to be another, interacting in all kinds of ways. However, in order for a story to be successful, the plot needs to be interesting and the characters well defined before you do the plot twisting. Bottom line: a lot atwist about nothing. Now there's some Shakespeare for you.

Yet somehow things are getting worse and worse: known actors have puny or plain bad roles, the acting is mediocre at best, the editing of the scenes, vague and not linear in time, confuses the hell out of the viewer. The girls: Julia Stiles, Malin Akerman, Alice Eve - they do the best with their roles, in fact they are the best actors in this film, far outclassing old farts like Pacino and Hopkins, who's only purpose in life nowadays is to give megalomaniacal speeches.

A special mention for Alice Eve. She did a weird kind of interpretation which was awesome. I don't know if it was her idea or the director's, but her character gave me the creeps. It just wasn't completely right for this movie.

Conclusion: a waste of time and talent. A confusing story that feels like someone's ego trip, a boring film, a pointless story.

Reviewed by quincytheodore4 / 10

With such clear visual and talented cast, it's a truly misfortune that the result is agonizingly boring

When first seeing the cast of Josh Duhamel, Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins, among others, one would expect an intense thriller, yet "Misconduct" is an arbitrary endeavor that has seriously crippling pace and lacking any suspense. It may look nice at first, potentially promising a wit exchange, yet it's painfully slow and honestly a shallow display of crime drama.

Ben (Josh Duhamel) is contacted by her unstable ex-girlfriend who has secret files about her billionaire boss. He takes this chance without knowing that he'll walk on a series of increasingly dangerous conspiracy. The line-up is riddled with famous names, yet their performance is inconsistent. Duhamel looks decent for a leading role, although he doesn't have the poise or sense of urgency when the moments call for it.

The chemistry between him and veterans like Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins is also shaky. There are some good thrilling moments, yet there are also times when they look ironically silly as though impersonating plot from Law and Order. Female characters share the same fate of incompatibility. Julie Stiles as the operator only appears too cocky for the tough female stereotype.

Meanwhile, Malin Akerman and Alice Eve are seemingly trapped in love triangle gig, and not a good one at that. Its attempt to showcase debauchery is appreciated, yet there's barely any passion involved here. Byung-hun Lee makes a supporting role, and it's quite intriguing when he makes an entrance, yet his character feels underutilized and only serves as a glorified henchman. When they interact it creates a tangled web of a plot.

It does have clear cinematography and direction to portray vices such as greed and lust, yet it shifts significantly slow between unintentionally detached characters that ultimately become mundane and restricting.

Reviewed by MartinHafer3 / 10

This should have been better.

Although "Misconduct" feaures Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino in supporting roles, it's far from a very good film. You would have expected more with such a cast but the script was just very confusing and the acting, apart from the pair, was only fair.

The story is about the mistress of a pharmaceutical company owner (Hopkins) and how her plan fell to pieces, and became VERY confusing, when she tried to destroy him. Apparently, she stole some files and gave them to an attorney....and the files implicated some new drug in the deaths of many. But the story goes many odd directions after this interesting idea...with plots, betrayals and much more. In fact, there are so many twists that I soon got a bit tired of the story and little of it seemed believable. It also required the film to end and THEN reveal some of the answers to various plot holes...which is just sloppy.

Overall, a film that seemed too complicated for its own good. Mildly interesting but nothing more...and a sad misuse of Hopkins and Pacino, particularly Pacino who seems to have little to say or do in the film aside from sporting an odd accent.

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