MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate


Action / Comedy / Family / Sport

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Richard Karn Photo
Richard Karn as Ollie Plant
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David Kaye as Dave Bruce
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Robert Costanzo as Beat Cop
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RosanaBotafogo6 / 10


Only the soundtrack is hot, especially in the saddest moments ... It follows the same line as the previous one, almost the same story, just for the little ones....

Reviewed by anaconda-406581 / 10

This Film Should Be Vertically Tossed Over a Cliff.

M.V.P: Most Vertical Primate (2001): Dir: Robert Vince / Cast: Cameron Bancroft, Richard Karn, Robert Costanzo, Oliver Muirhead, Scott Goodman: Idiotic sequel about achievement. Director Robert Vince presents lunacy where a rival hockey team sabotages using a fake injury in order to have chimpanzee Jack removed. They use ketchup for blood and it never catches on with these morons that there is a difference. That scheme should have been unraveled before the ambulance pulled in. Jack befriends a runaway boy who shelters in a shed and runs errands for money. He teaches Jack how to rollerblade and enters a contest. How this kid survives is a mystery that the screenwriter never reveals. Jack is the only interesting character for the cast are driven to shame by their lame roles. Richard Karn plays a shop owner selling rollerblades. He meets this kid when he becomes aware that tools are being fished from his dumpster. If this is any indication as to what his career will be like after the sitcom Home Improvement then he might want to rethink his future in the industry. If viewers just have a longing desire to watch chimpanzees, then programs such as Animal Planet are available and much more entertaining than this. Pathetic sequel to a film that is every bit as pathetic but just placing Jack within a different sport. Both films should be tossed vertically into a dumpster. Score: 1 / 10

Reviewed by freddievalentine10 / 10


Most films featuring animals use them as a prop for the human actors, but in true Planet of the Apes style, the reverse is true here. The actors are functional, not great, but the real stars are the chimps whose range of facial expressions and expert comic timing shine above anyone else in the film. The chimps do all their own skateboarding stunts and are pretty good at it. There are two other films in the series featuring chimps doing extreme sports and they are great in everyone. But the real star here is Louie, who has a true gift for comedy and can act most of the over-paid, wooden, Hollywood heart throbs off the screen. But does he get any whiff of an Oscar nomination? Naaah! It's simian prejudice! Watching the out-takes and behind the scenes features, it is apparent that a lot of the funny moments are ad-libbed by Louie himself who truly is a talent. He is apparently starring in a big budget simian Bond-style film called SPYMATE where he uses all his skills and does his own stunt. Louie should really be in the Walk of Fame and wiping the board at the Oscars. All I can say, is check out his films to see an all-round master at work.

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