Merry Matrimony


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird2 / 10

A matrimony that is lacking in merriment

Am not saying that with malice. Hallmark Christmas films do have a tendency more often than not to be very predictable, cliched, very cheesy, too schmaltzy and over-scored. There have been many times where they have also been very cute, warm hearted, heartfelt, charming and appealingly acted. Really did want for 'Merry Matrimony' to be all of those latter adjectives, as Hallmark have shown quite a number of times that they can make watchable films.

Which sadly 'Merry Matrimony' is not one of, the complete opposite. It has a couple good things and is not quite down there with the very worst Hallmark Christmas films, though it was close. It is said with regret though that to me 'Merry Matrimony' was pretty much all of the negative adjectives mentioned above complete with bad acting pretty much all round and characters not worth caring for. Very little works here and the worst aspects are awful.

'Merry Matrimony' has some lovely scenery and decorations and is attractively photographed.

Sadly that is pretty much it for the good things. The acting all round is very bad. Jessica Lowndes does not look comfortable and has very little expression in her performance and Christopher Russell is far too introverted and looks and sounds half-asleep the entire time. Their chemistry is non-existent, the two look so indifferent and under-rehearsed when together and there is just nothing to the relationship. The rest of the cast are a mix of very stiff or overripe.

The characters are shallow ciphers and little more than typical Hallmark cliches with no variation, and none of them are believably developed or likeable. The direction throughout is as indifferent as the lead chemistry and is at best leaden. The music is, as can be the case with Hallmark, intrusive and there is nothing memorable to it. When it comes to the dialogue, it is very awkward in flow and there is no heart to it.

Both the cheese and sentiment go overboard, and because of disliking the characters so much there was nothing in 'Merry Matrimony' to connect with emotionally. The story is not much of one at all for most of the length, much of the first portion is endless and pointless filler and what there is of the story is very dull and makes no sense. The ending feels too rushed and too tidy.

On the whole, very poor and a long way from merry. 2/10.

Reviewed by HotToastyRag3 / 10

Leading lady lags in energy

Jessica Lowndes, a successful designer, is called in by her boss, Louise Pitre, for an emergency assignment. A bridal magazine needs reshoots for their Christmas wedding campaign, and the famous photographer Christopher Russell is flying in to assist them. The only problem is Jessica and Chris were college sweethearts until he took an internship in Paris and the distance broke them up. Reunited at Christmas, while planning a bridal photo shoot, means anything can happen. . .

There are two main problems with this Hallmark Christmas flick: Jessica Lowndes gives a very low energy performance, and the story isn't captivating enough. The alternative love interests for both leads aren't really written to have any major flaws, so besides their previous history, there's no real reason for the leads to be pushed towards each other. If you're like me and will watch anything remotely related to the holiday, you can absolutely watch Merry Matrimony. It won't hurt you, besides giving you a cavity, but it probably won't be one of your favorites you watch every year. You'll need a more captivating lead, like Candace Cameron Bure or Lacey Chabert, for that.

Reviewed by phd_travel3 / 10

Miscast and weak predictable story

A party planner's boyfriend leaves for Europe. Years later they reunite on a project. Of course you know what will happen. Most hallmark movies are predictable so the fun is seeing how things evolve. Unfortunately it's kind of too obvious and strained from the start. By the time they get together you kind of want to change channels.

Jessica Lowndes is pretty in a Megan Fox way. So she isn't quite right for this kind of sweet Hallmark romance Christmas movie. She is better as the bad girl as in a Mother's Nightmare. Also she is too pretty to be dumped. The actor Christopher Russell is a bit mannequin like just grinning and not showing much range.

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