Merry & Bright


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel4 / 10

Skip this one

The story is too similar to other Hallmark movies. Save the struggling family business run by her. He's an outside consultant. Candy cane isn't interesting enough. Jodi Sweetin talks in a repetitive monotone. Andrew Walker sports a shorter hair style than usual that doesn't suit him - makes him look gaunt.

Skip this one.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird4 / 10

Not merry or bright enough

Hallmark are very variable when it comes to their Christmas offerings. Some are surprisingly good and did impress me, as long as one does not expect anything award worthy (it's not that kind of film). Some are decent. Some are mediocre at best. Some are very bad. And then there are some that are in between. Was not expecting much from 'Merry and Bright' in all honesty, having not been that enamoured by the company's 2019 output, not being that excited by the premise and being another non-fan of Jodie Sweetin.

Still watched 'Merry and Bright' for completest sake, one of my main reasons for seeing Hallmark's and Lifetime's Christmas films. As well as my undying lifelong love of the holiday itself, was my favourite time of year as a child and is still special to me. Am going to have to agree with those that didn't care for 'Merry and Bright' all that much and found it a mediocre at best offering. Not one of their all time worst but towards the weaker end as far as their 2019 output goes.

'Merry and Bright' has good things. The best thing about it is Andrew Walker, who does say his lines with feeling and understanding of wide range of emotions and gives a dignified turn that deserved a better film. Sharon Lawrence does what she can with far too little, the material she has isn't worthy of her either but she at least gave it one hundred percent.

It looks good, not looking rushed-looking or under budget. There are moments of charm and smile-worthy moments.

That are sadly too far and between. Do have to agree with all that commented negatively on Sweetin's performance, far too cold and robotic like she had barely rehearsed her scenes and with no idea of how to say her lines. She has no discernible chemistry with Walker, they seem so distant from each other and one never any tension or love between them. Sweetin's character has nothing to her, a dull character that annoyed me too. The supporting cast try but nobody other than Lawrence, who deserved a heck of a lot better, stands out. None of the characters are well developed, worn stereotypes really, and only Walker's comes close to being investable and that is namely down to how Walker plays him.

Like many Hallmark film, the music never sounds authentic and is intrusive when it's used. The dialogue has more cheese than the cheesiest of cheeseburgers and even fruit sherberts don't have this amount of cloying sugar. The premise has been done to death countless times every year and has been tired for years, nothing new is done with it here. Just pure Hallmark formula with an overused setting, but with no real charm, heart or tension. There was just nothing there apart from a few sporadic moments. The ending is contrived and obvious from the start.

Overall, mediocre. 4/10

Reviewed by studioAT5 / 10

Merry & Bright

I don't know much about the lead actress Jodie Sweetin, and perhaps that's for the best as I could just enjoy her performance here, rather than have pre-conceived thoughts.

I thought this was a decent but by the numbers Hallmark film, with the plot being similar to others I've seen.

Sweetin and Walker give good performances, it's all nicely played - I don't see why people are being so harsh.

The only thing that didn't work for me was the 'dog' subplot.

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