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2021 [FRENCH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jramalho8 / 10

Two Different Levels

This was a really interesting film. For me it had two main components. One is emotional, linking different stories of war-torn Lebanon in the 1980s, and how one links (or does not link) memory (and regret and denial) with heritage for a younger generation that never knew the country. For me personally, it was amazing how many musical references I could catch (all of them). On that level the film is admirable, engaging, and one can see that all involved partake in what is a deep connection, and catharsis that celebrates survival, however it was achieved. That aspect is worth a 10/10.

However, there is another aspect, which is the structure of the film itself, and what it leaves unexplored as a narrative. I found that some issues, notably related to context and who many of the characters were and what become of them were lacking. That part was not really as convincing as it could have been.

Reviewed by tarakm-4976910 / 10

Watched in Paris

Poignant movie and plot, filled with emotions. The archival aspect makes an innovative way of talking about the Civil war in Lebanon. The storyline describes what most children of 'civil war affected' parents live... the denial, secrecy and lack of sharing is fought through the search of answers from the daughter.

Reviewed by ayareda8 / 10

Watched This in Cairo International Film Festvial

That was a good movie that took me through the journey of what it is to live and love through civil war.

I loved the way the producers chose to show the mother's memories, the plot was very simple yet strong and engaging.

The ending was a bit dreamy, but from what I understood from the makers is that it is meant to give hope to the audience.

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