May I Kill U?


Comedy / Horror / Thriller

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Frances Barber as Bernice
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Jack Doolan as Seth
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Kevin Bishop as Baz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dagallop10 / 10

Absolutely dark, twisted and fundamentally brilliant!

I'd like to be able to say something bad about this movie, but I can't. I tried hard to find something about it that irked me, something that bothered me about the acting or the direction, but I cannot think of one thing. In fact, I watched it a second time, just before writing this to see if there was anything that I didn't like. Alas, I could not.

A brilliant set up, rather tenuous contributor to the cause of the 'issue' but even that was well thought out. It could have been one of those robocop plot lines where a catastrophic incident plays into the derived condition, but even that left me thinking; it could be that simple.

The best part of this movie is the straight faced Kevin Bishop really making you feel you can relate to his initial frustrations. His personal life overlaps with his professional life and sets him spiraling into the dark world that is the home of the vigilante.

Of all the movies that I should have seen (or been aware of) at the time of release, this is currently top. As I said before, I can't fault the movie but I would fault the lack of marketing or buzz about it. It is one of those movies that should have been in the limelight immediately it was released but if it was, I certainly didn't hear about it.

Great movie, not recommended for anyone who doesn't like a sinister black thriller/comedy that leaves you with a grin and a "how could you follow that" impression.

Reviewed by seularts10 / 10

More than meets the eye

I enjoyed this movie from start to end, it's original funny and dark comedy like. The simple fact that all the key elements are there and all they needed was the appropriate factors to put them in place just like a puzzle.

There is no question about it, the main character is psychotic, but a funny and fair psycho that just makes your day a bit more jolly.

May I kill U, is smart well made and very well acted. I recommend it to you if you like dark humor comedy movies. 10 out of 10 from me since it just made me stick to the entire movie waiting to see the next wacky event that will happen one after the other.

Reviewed by atinder6 / 10

very Strange Dark Thriller

This is British Horror however it's more like Dark Thriller with some dark Humor mixed in.

This movie start with scene from the UK riots 2011, how these thugs took over.

Baz (He a cop) and is partner are cycling, one of thug from th gang throws something at him, that makes his bike tip over and then Baz hits his head on the pavement.

Which lead him having some really bad head aches now and again / Baz is so fed with these thugs, so he had another idea how to clean up the street.

Baz turns into psycho cop, Who kills people, that have been doing bad things, while he kills these people, He also films them with his helmet cam, then post these videos on the internet with fake name.

Though out this movie, we see him text and twitter tweets and he ends up gaining a number of followers on twitter who are happy about what he is doing.

I found this movie to be very intruding, I really liked this movie, nice clever plot to the movie, with one or two laugh and moment but i would not call it comedy at all nor did have much horror.

The kills in this are just violent but not bloody or gory kills, which I thought could made this movie tad darker then it already was.

The acting was really good in this movie from whole cast!

6 out of 10,

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