Marguerite & Julien

2015 [FRENCH]

Drama / History / Romance

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Anaïs Demoustier Photo
Anaïs Demoustier as Marguerite de Ravalet
Geraldine Chaplin Photo
Geraldine Chaplin as La mère de Lefebvre
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hitomi698 / 10

A beautiful film though its execution may not be acceptable to everyone

I was so touched by the film, especially by the final 15 minutes when the pair was led off on horseback, riding back to back, to the execution ground for beheading. When their fingers locked, I could not stop my flow of tears. Marguerite was spared the agony of actually being beheaded as she was dead(of heart-break) before that and they only cut off her head as a procedure. But all the same, this show how cruel the world could be against others who did not share their so-called "moral values" though they really did not hurt others.

The DVD I bought had only French subtitles and fortunately, these are easily understandable enough. It would be so much better if they can also give option to select English sub-titles.

Anais Demoustier is superb!

Reviewed by cheer885 / 10

A surprisingly true story

While watching the movie, I was thinking the unassuming and uneventful details seemingly resembled to the realities of a possible life story. Out of my own curiosity, I did some diggings online and found out it indeed was a true story. If it would have been fictional, more dramas would be added to entice audiences. I would think.

However, following the history of the story without changing the period would be my preference. Because the subject is hard to be glorified into a undying romance like Romeo and Julia no matter under any circumstances. Incest happened most likely under some unusual circumstances. This one happened to be in an abusive marriage which might win over audiences' empathy and understanding instead of appalling which would be most likely response. The ridiculous scene with the helicopter should be cut. It was confusing with modern and 17 century surrounding interchanged. It might be a better idea just following the events historically and presenting this human tragedy truthfully to audiences .

Real story should be told as it is to respect its facts.

Reviewed by vacilando7 / 10

approach with an open mind

I don't understand why this story is being told to a bunch of young children?! Perhaps in France, stories about a sordid love affair between siblings is completely suitable as a bedtime tale. As an adult, however, I think this (true) story is engaging (pun?). The movie is filmed exquisitely and the actors are convincing in their affections. I did actually enjoy the occasional intrusion of modern devices, such as a 17th century gentleman driving a vehicle filled with hookers when you least expected it. It was neat to see the 17th century juxtaposed with the 21st, and I rather appreciated it as something unique and different. It takes guts to insert creativity that the viewing audience might rebuke, so kudos to the director who went for it. It is not like this movie was tackling the most conventional topic to begin with, so I say, go for it.

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