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Reviewed by QuirkyQueerGuy10 / 10

Another cult classic to be from Dupieux

From the French filmmaker behind a sentient tire with telekinetic abilities comes two idiots finding a giant fly. Manu and Jean-Gab are a couple of good-natured but dimwitted buddies who, while on a delivery mission, discover, well, an enormous fly in the trunk of a stolen car.

Deciding to tame "her" in order to make a profit, the guys endure a series of misfortunes that ultimately brings them to the home of Cécile, who's on summer break with her brother Serge and friends Sandrine and Agnès. To say any more would be a spoiler.

The only ensemble member I recognize is Adèle Exarchopolous, of Blue Is the Warmest Colour, here she gives a performance I was not expecting but, oh my, it was bizarre. Director Quentin Dupieux has amassed a career of surreal but delightful comedies, the sole I've seen being the aforementioned Rubber. By that alone, I knew going in, I was getting a memorable experience. And I did.

Reviewed by kosmasp10 / 10

French Bill and Ted get Fly - Toro ftw

It almost doesn't matter what I write as a summary line and I mean no disrespect to Bill and Ted, their movies or their fans. You'll like this if you enjoyed the movie and you won't if you didn't ... or at least think I'm exaggerating. I really think this deserves the crown I'm giving it and while it is far out (big Fly anyone?),this is as a friend said, one the directors movies that kind of make sense/is coherent.

That may not mean much considering how crazy this still is. And it does not take prisoners or care about being sensible or being too aggresive. If this tickles your funny bone, you'll have quite the fun with it. Predictable in some way, but only if you think that way ... and a perfect ending! I almost wish there would be a remake (which has never happened with his movies yet)

Reviewed by TogosDad7 / 10

What's the buzz?

Just a fun, quirky, sweet film about two guys and the fly who helped them realise what friendship is all about.

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