Jurassic Shark 2: Aquapocalypse


Action / Adventure / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by originalitywastaken1 / 10

$100,000 budget and they steal from a video game

This movie was so bad in every way imaginable.. I am a video editor and it physically hurt seeing those "special" effects. They even left an effect one frame longer than it should have between scene changes which made me chuckle.

But what made me laugh is that they used the megalodon from the video game Ark in the swimming/ocean scenes. Like they didn't even bother to change it in anyway. I've spent 100's of hours playing that game and when I saw that they used it, I couldnt believe it lmao.

But seriously.. unless you're on some mad hallucinogens, don't watch this movie.

Reviewed by bitbucketchip1 / 10

The longest 70 minutes of your life

If this was made by your grade school cousins you might think it was cute. But seeing adults embarrass themselves reading their lines and pointlessly drifting from scene to scene is depressing.

There is no plot. There is no story. There is no budget. There is no one with any filmmaking talent.

What there is is a bunch of stock footage filler between the "acting" scenes and the impossibly inept "special effect" shark attacks.

No stars.

Reviewed by cujorocky1 / 10

A disgrace

Disgustingly horrible. The Worst special effects ever. This literally is the worst movie ever made. A national embarrassment. A disgrace!!!!!! The acting is Atrocious beyond words. Mother of God, it is horrid. Even though they did it as a satire it still is stupendous bad.

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