Man with the Screaming Brain


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by unakaczynski6 / 10

*huge sigh*

Disappointing. That would be one way to put this film. Not that it's terrible or anything, but… well, ahhh hell. Just read on…

This film stars the legendary Bruce Campbell—legendary for his classic underground, cult, and, *ahem* "B-movies." Well, hell, I love the guy. A lot of people do. His films are entertaining, he's entertaining. So why wouldn't a film starring the guy, written by him, and directed by him be good? It turns out there's a lot of reasons, but here's the quickie story:

Capitalist American businessman (Bruce Campbell, of course) travels to former "Red" Socialist Bulgaria on business. Well, crap happens and suddenly he's dead. When next he's alive, well holy hell, he has half another man's brain in his cranium. A communist man's brain! Well, following this, some craziness ensues and Bruce and his "dead" wife, and his half-Commie brain hunt for the gypsy woman that done killed 'em all. Sounds pretty good so far…

Here's the breakdown:

The Good:

--The acting, for the most part, is much better than I would have expected—especially from Stacy Keach and Ted Raimi.

--Bruce Campbell beating himself up—always entertaining.

--Bizarre story—always good.

--Some really good humor.

--Wacky throw-back to bad 50's Science Fiction films with adequate cheesiness.

Didn't Hurt It, Didn't Help:

--The special effects are kind of poor, but entertaining nonetheless.

--Over-all somewhat lackluster writing.

--Decent action.

The Bad:

--Some pretty tedious parts, unfortunately.

--Poor atmosphere. I personally wish Bruce had enlisted Don Coscarelli to Direct.

--Capitalist brain melded with a Socialist brain? Seems like there should've been some more depth in those two extremes fighting each other. Pity.

The Ugly:

--Bruce is a great actor, and a funny and entertaining guy—and really cool. Know what he really isn't? A director.

--Again, for those like me—Bruce Campbell fans—this film is kind of a disappointment. Here's why: It was a long time coming, it was written, directed, and starring Bruce Campbell. And after the brilliant Bubba Ho-Tep (helmed by Phantasm's Don Coscarelli),the Evil Dead Trilogy, and many of Bruce's other successes—well, for fans, there's a lot of hype in preparing for this one. Also, the idea that it was kind of Bruce's "pet-project" and one he'd been planning and working on for years gave this film some added heft when it comes to "getting one's hopes up."

Memorable Scene:

--When Bruce is first running around and battling the idea of having two brains.

This is not a bad film, but it's not exactly great. And after the hype going into it, and after seeing how talented Bruce Campbell really is (Bubba Ho-Tep),this film just feels rather weak.

Acting: 8/10 Story: 8/10 Atmosphere: 4/10 Cinematography: 6/10 Character Development: 6/10 Special Effects/Make-up: 5/10 Nudity/Sexuality: 0/10 Violence/Gore: 7/10 (not much of either, but decent quality for it) Dialogue: 7/10 Music: 6/10 Direction: 6/10

Cheesiness: 5/10 Crappiness: 1/10

Overall: 6/10

This one is for general Science Fiction fans and Bruce Campbell fans. But don't get your hopes up too high. Like, watch it if you forgot a lot of his previous work, or haven't seen it at all. Not bad, not great, and don't get your hopes too high. (Also, it should be noted that I'm being awfully generous in this review...)

Reviewed by aqua_swing8 / 10

Bruce knows why we like him.

Ah, classic comedy. At the point in the movie where brains get messed together, a two minute scene with Bruce Campbell beating himself up partially, reminds me of how simplistic movies and ideas can grab you and wrap you into a whole movie.

For years and years, Bruce Campbell knows what kind of movies we want out of him. We want to see weird movies like Bubba Ho Tep. We want to see cameo roles in Sam Raimi movies, and we want to see 'Man with the Screaming Brain'. With the title alone, one knows that it's going to border that completely silly type of movie, like Army of Darkness, only with more silly and less monsters.

The idea of the movie is simple. Bruce sees doctor. Doctor has new idea. Bruce gets bad things happen to him on way to see doctor. Coincidentally, it's the thing the doctor wanted to show him that saves him. Hilarity ensues.

With the addition of Ted Raimi as a weird Russian guy, and journeyman Stacy Keach as Dr. Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov, it's funny, that does this movie. Complete funny. Never a point of scary.

If you like the silly Bruce Campbell, you'll like this. Then again, why would you be watching this if you didn't like Bruce Campbell?

Reviewed by bahamut81010 / 10

A Grade 'A' B-movie

I went to see this movie at a book signing in Lexington, Ky last night. After a wonderful night that consisted of a few brief words with Mr. Bruce Campbell (you have to say it all, not just Bruce or Mr. Campbell ;D),friends while the books were being signed, and a QnA session with our favorite deadite killer the lights dimmed.

So as not to spoil anything, I wont go into detail...but I loved the movie! Mr. Bruce Campbell did a wonderful job keeping the classic b-movie feel. The characters were classic 'b' characters, the place was refreshing (what movies do *you* know of that are based in Bulgaria?) and the setting was both near-original and fun! On top of that the humor that is portioned throughout the movie that kept the audience laughing through much of the movie.

While this movie dosen't have as great of a general appeal to people as some, it is a beacon of fun and laughter in a season of (as Mr. Bruce Campbell put it) 'b-movies' that are listed as 'a-movies' (Bewitched, Dukes of Hazard, Charlie and the Chocolate factory? Come on guys!).

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