Maid of Honor


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Linden Ashby as Richard Wynn
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Reviewed by lavatch7 / 10

Aunt Laci's Obsession

After Laci Collins' sister Carrie died in a tragic auto accident, Laci moved in with her sister's widower, Richard Wynn. For two years Laci has cooked for Richard and his two beautiful children, Molly and Danny. In the past, Laci had played the role of nursemaid to her dear mother, until she had had enough and killed her. Now, Laci believes her time has come. She has needs, and she has become obsessed with Richard. The only problem is that Richard has no romantic feelings for his deranged sister-in-law.

"Maid of Honor" develops a good set of characters, including Richard's fiancée, Nicole, who was once married to a criminal named Joel Maiser, who is currently in prison for manslaughter. Laci discovers the truth about Nicole's past and attempts to use it to derail the marriage in which she has been asked to be the maid of honor.

When Richard forgives Nicole for not informing him about her broken marriage, Laci moves to Plan B. Now, she tries to kill Nicole through feeding her nuts to which she has a serious allergy. Nicole is rushed to the hospital, and Laci once again fails in an attempt to smother her with a pillow. After a false ending to the film, Laci shows up during the honeymoon, making one final "stab" at ruining the marriage of Richard and Nicole.

There was far too much violence in the film, including the elimination of one of the most interesting characters, Richard's "best man" and co-worker Kevin. Kevin may have been attracted to Laci, but he sensed that something was amiss and began snooping around. When he confronted her, she bashed his brains in. It seemed gratuitous as well to have Laci kill the kind handyman at the lake.

The best line in the film was spoken by Richard when he referred to his home as "a nut-free zone." Little did he know how wrong he was in that statement, due to the needy and emotionally starved Auntie Laci, who would stop at nothing to find her way into Richard's heart. It was never enough for Laci just to be the maid of honor. She wanted it all.

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo3 / 10

This lady just wants your love.

Laci Collins becomes close and provides a helping hand to her brother-in-law Richard and his children, after her sister was killed in a car accident two years ago. After moving in she has become so attached, as if its her own family she was looking after. Things do take a turn for the worst when Richard proposes to his girlfriend of one year, Nicole. This development gets to Laci, as in her disturbed mind, this is 'her' family and Richard is 'her' man. So she goes about trying to disrupt these wedding plans by any type of means, which to keep her dream alive could lead to murder.

Yawn! Here's another one of those domestic based thrillers involving the old ground concept of a psycho-lady who loves those people close to her way too much to let go of what she has. Think of "Fatal Attraction" crossed with "The Stepfather" and wallah, you have the lame lifetime TV presentation "Maid of Honor". Actually thinking about it more, this one tends to fall into clichéd soapy territory with drama aplenty and many ridiculous plot developments that wouldn't go astray in those type of serials. The measly premise is an utter joke even if something like this could happen, but the dramatics and languid script seems to drag out even more. Watch how Purl's character tries at every turn to stop the marriage with less than cunning effects and that obsessive behaviour transmits some wildly violent thoughts towards Nicole. Since there's nothing resembling any kind of suspense or build up, it moves along at snails pace. We get the usual back-story and flashbacks of our character's troubled beginnings of living in the shadow of her successful sister, because of her ungrateful mother's comparison. The way the main character manipulates the surrounding actions to her advantage is far from subtle. You'll be scratching your head at just how slow they are at picking up on it. Even when her niece gets suspicious, she still acts as if she had no idea. It's all talk, very uninspired and plenty of close up shots on concerned faces and that of Linda Purl's twisted facial expressions. Now that was convincing! Too bad mostly everything in the story wasn't. Her coldly calculated central performance is rather irksome, but she's suitably detestable and overdone in a demented way. Purl really does get into the part, maybe too much. The rest of the cast members do a modest job, but Shannon Sturges is a shinning delight and Danielle Kind falls into the same boat. Just like most TV productions, it's pretty clean looking, but technically generic across the board. The musical score sounds traditional, that's whenever it decides to kick in, because you'll hardly notice it. Camera-work sticks close to the practical framing without an ounce of live. Douglas Jackson's limply one-dimensional direction is no better, and totally fumbles any chance of providing such shocks for corny daftness.

"Maid of Honor" is a flatly handled and laughable wannabe thriller, which the neat looking cover artwork for the DVD just can't seem deliver the promise.

Reviewed by whpratt17 / 10

One Guess Who the Bad Person Is

As soon as I heard the title of this TV film, I almost assumed who the bad person was going to eventually turn into. However, there are lots of twists and turns in this film and I believe a murder is committed that the killer actually got away with accomplishing. There is a father who's wife is killed in an auto accident, leaving the father with a teenage daughter and smaller son, both who loved their mom very much. The former wife's sister lives in the home and is sort of a housekeeper for the entire family. The film goes along rather smoothly until another woman makes an appearance and it upsets the entire household. Nice entertaining film and very good acting.

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