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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Buddy-513 / 10

Despite being from a man's viewpoint, still the same old r/c hooey

Tom (Patrick Dempsey) is a commitment-phobic, marriage-avoiding playboy who spends most of his waking hours tomcatting around Manhattan (what a novel concept for a romantic comedy). Only Hannah (Michelle Monaghan),his "best friend" of ten years, has the strength of character to call him on his shallowness - even though anyone with even the most rudimentary knowledge of romantic comedy knows full well that the two of them are just made for each other (apparently, the only people in these situations stupid enough not to realize this universal truth are the couples themselves). But just as Tom decides he's in love with Hannah and is willing to make a lifelong commitment to her, the latter turns up engaged to a kilt-wearing dreamboat ("Rome"'s Kevin McKidd) she met in Scotland. Unaware of how Tom feels about her, Hannah asks him to be her "maid of honor" at the wedding, a role he reluctantly accepts, believing that this will place him in the perfect strategic position to sabotage the nuptials.

As with virtually all romantic comedies these days, "Made of Honor" takes place in a squeaky-clean, never-never land version of New York City, where everyone attends swanky functions, dines at five-star restaurants, and drinks café mocha lattes, with nary a hint as to what any of these fantastically well-off characters do to earn all their money. And, of course, almost everyone we meet is white (with a token African-American or two, as always, thrown in for good measure).

The late Sydney Pollack plays Tom's oft-married father, whose penchant for running through women at an alarming rate shows that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in that family. And, of course, Tom is surrounded by the obligatory coterie of jock friends who discuss women, commitment and sex with all the depth and maturity of a bunch of junior-high school students feeling their first stirrings of puberty. Yet, isn't it funny watching all these macho guys fixing gift baskets and discussing wedding plans? No, not really.

It's safe to say that there's not a single moment in "Made of Honor" that doesn't feel utterly manufactured and desperately contrived. Add to that an annoyingly cutesy musical score, embarrassment-evoking slapstick routines - including the desperate Tom arriving late to the wedding astride a borrowed horse, no less! - gag-inducing sentimentality, and the kind of ending we thought "The Graduate" had so brilliantly put an end to forty-some-odd years ago.

Thus, despite the story's being told from a man's viewpoint for a change, at the end of the day, it's still the same old romantic comedy hooey we've been subjected to from time immemorial.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird3 / 10

Where's the honour?

I am not the biggest fan of romantic comedies/chick flicks, but there have been some I have genuinely enjoyed. Made of Honour, while I have seen much worse, is not one I enjoyed. It is worth noting for some striking production values and a beguiling soundtrack, other than that it is a miss.

My problems with this movie starts with the title, please, that pun of a title is appalling and even thinking about it makes me cringe. And I had exactly the same perception even before seeing the movie. Another major problem is that the characters are not sympathetic or likable in the slightest, the lead character especially is a complete sleaze-ball. Also the characters here are little more than cliché after cliché and bland stereotypes.

A lot of plots in romantic comedies are predictable, here is no exception. But this plot is also unrealistic and clichéd, and in terms of the pace and direction the film is a slog. I also disliked the ending, not only was it as predictable as the rest of story but it was also pure fantasy of the highest order.

The acting is not very good unfortunately, like I couldn't connect to any of the characters I don't think a vast majority of the actors could connect with them either. There is one good performance and that comes from Sydney Pollack, but Patrick Dempsey while dashing is too earnest for the lead and Michelle Monaghan comes across as rather limited. Hardly surprising, with the dialogue being as terrible as it was.

All in all, a daft, predictable and clichéd romantic comedy with a few good points. 3/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

Another rom-com

Tom (Patrick Dempsey) and Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) are college friends. He's a womanizer with lots of rules, and she's willing to call him out for it. Ten years later, she's still the only one he can take to yet another one of his father's (Sydney Pollack) wedding no matter how many girls he's dated. He discovers his love for Hannah a little too late.

This is the standard paint by numbers rom-com. The problem is that neither are exceptional rom-com leads. Neither are physical comedians. Neither have shown a strong background in this genre. Patrick Dempsey takes some pratfalls, but it doesn't work for him. The only thing that truly works is an angry bridesmaid Busy Philipps.

So an outstanding script is needed to elevate this. But there isn't one coming. There are a few funny moments. The glow in the dark beads are funny. The biggest problem is that Hannah's Colin isn't douchy enough. It would work if he made all kinds of threats against Tom behind Hannah's back. They don't make him bad enough. The emotional structure isn't set up properly.

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