Lupin III: Da Capo of Love - Fujiko's Unlucky Days


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by psychogoatee8 / 10

A nice Lupin special.

Da Capo of Love: Fujiko's Unlucky Days (The Columbus Files) is a nice Lupin special.

It starts with Lupin and Fujiko up to their usual shenanigans, until they are bombarded by explosions and things get wild. The story here is that Fujiko has amnesia, and only she knows where the treasure is. And of course, getting Fujiko's memory back is Lupin's top priority.

Lupin is pretty serious a lot of the time in this one, because Fujiko is who he cares about the most. It's always nice to see that kind of emotion from the world's greatest thief. There's plenty of great comedy from the man as well of course. He has a great villain to comedically own here too, the green jacketed laughing madman, Nazaroff.

Jigen and Goemon both get some good stuff here, Goemon is hilariously eccentric in this one. Lupin and Jigen's usual tag-team is put on the backburner in cases like this one though, when a woman needs Lupin's help. Inspector Zenigata pops up from time to time, and while he's used sparingly he does get some good laughs.

The main story does get a little shaky by the end though, involving mad scientists and a crazy world domination plot.

Yuji Ohno gives this a very smooth jazz soundtrack of course, with the appropriate intensity added when needed. The original voice acting from these veterans is great as well. And some fun trivia, Nabeshin of Excel Saga fame directed this special.

All in all, this is a good Lupin adventure, with some nice attention given to Lupin and Fujiko's always interesting relationship. Check this one out.

Reviewed by emasterslake6 / 10

Lupin and the secret possession of Columbus!

This is the 1999 TV movie of Lupin the 3rd. And the last one of the 20th Century Lupin the 3rd.

Story begins with Lupin and Fujiko having their own private dinner together. Fujiko uncovered the Columbus Files that's suppose to lead to Columbus's Secret possessions.

Right before Lupin can get any info on where it is, a group of armed soldiers invade their hideout! Lupin lost track of Fujiko after an unexpected attack. Lupin must now find out the secrets of the Columbus Files and what became of Fujiko.

There are a lot of hilarious parts to this TV movie. Even has Zennigata with his Japanese Police Swat Team from Castle of Cagliostro and Fuma Conspiracy.

Even has this girl with a mysterious past who wanted to uncover the secrets of Columbus's treasure herself.

I give this one a 7.5/10. A pretty good TV movie. Worth watching for those who've seen the previous Lupin Animes

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