Lovers: A True Story

1991 [SPANISH]

Crime / Drama / Romance

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Maribel Verdú as Trini
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Victoria Abril as Luisa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes7 / 10

A highly sophisticated as well as accomplished work by Vicente Aranda , being based on a real crime that happened in Spain at the 50s

Intense and heart-rending drama about a love triangle and jealousy that lead to tragic consequences . Solid film dealing with jealousy , passions , treason , sexual intrigues and an extraordinary acting by the main cast ; being sometimes slow-moving , but also steamily entertaining . Concerning a deep love story who transformed a pair of lower-class young lovers when get across a scheming widow . Set in '50s Spain, a young man named Paco (Jorge Sanz) leaves the army and looks for a job so he and his fiancée called Trini (Marivel Verdu) can get married . He rents a room from a widow called Luisa (Abril),and shortly starts falling in love with her . He falls fatally in love with a heartless , predatory widow , a real Femme Fatale . The girlfriend figures it out and decides to win him back by offering herself to him and taking him to meet her family but Paco goes back in a mutually destructive affair. Now a bitter , resentful as well as deceived girlfriend attempts to find a way to resolve the sad truth that consumes their relationship . Furthermore , she proceeds a particular vendetta until a breathtaking ending . Ultimately he has to make a tragic decision.

Solid but downbeat drama , based on a true story written by Vicente Aranda mostly filmed in city of Madrid , Burgos and surroundings . It is a peculiar story of love , lies and jealousy with an intrigue behind . This interesting as well as intimate story is a passionate retelling and a touching drama , including strong as well as exuberant sex scenes . In fact , many erotic scenes were suggested by the principal actors . According to Jorge Sanz, the famous sex scene with the handkerchief was Victoria Abril's idea . In the scene where Trini loses her virginity, Maribel Verdú suggested to director Vicente Aranda that she would just stripped from the waist down and lie in bed . Vicente Aranda also writes the interesting script along with Alvaro Del Amo based on their own story . Very good acting by trio protagonist such as Jorge Sanz as Paco , a man who begins a torrid affair with a widow ,and Maribel Verdu as Trini who wants to be in love with him , she overcomes with sentimentality and takes Antonio under her reins but her ploy backfires and she remains fixated on jealously . Victoria Abril steals the show , winning yet another magnificent interpretation with an alluring and smoldering role , absolutely hypnotic in her account of the bondage , a sadomasochist relationship that occurs from the beginning to the end . Her role as sluttish and crude domineering woman will be repeated several times in his posteriors acting . The secondary actors were very intelligent chosen and they all did a marvelous performance . Spotless pictorial as well as colorful photography by magnificent cameraman Jose Luis Alcaine , Pedro Almodovar's usual, he carries out a photography with juicy atmosphere , being filmed in Burgos , Guadalajara , Alcala De Henares , Torrelaguna , Madrid , though wastes the scenario of these gorgeous cities . In the last scene set in Burgos, the crew was ready to use fake snow when, to everyone's surprise, it snowed in the area for the first time in many years. Jose Luis Alcaine is deemed to be one of the best Spanish cameramen with a long and prestigious artistic career and Almodovar's ordinary cameraman . Furthermore , a willingness almost perfect of the elements of each frame , every scene , every place . Sensitive and rousing musical score by Jose Nieto , Aranda's usual , including an enjoyable leitmotif . The flick had a great success , and is considered to be Aranda's one of the best . The film deservedly won several awards such as Silver Berlin Bear to Best Actress Victoria Abril , ADIRCAE Awards 1992 , Chicago International Film Festival 1991 Won Silver Hugo Best Director ,Fotogramas de Plata 1992 to Best Film , Ghent International Film Festival 1991 won Special Mention Maribel Verdú , Onda Awards , Turia Awards Sant Jordi Awards and especially Won Goyas : Best Director , Best Film : Pedro Costa , Best Actress Maribel Verdú and Best Actress Victoria Abril .

The motion picture was compellingly and professionally directed in his particular style by veteran filmmaker Vicente Aranda . Although originally intended to be produced as an episode of the TV crime anthology series 'La Huella Del Crimen 2' (1991),before producer Pedro Costa decided to rewrite the script as a theatrical film. He directed a series of award-winning movies firmly establishing him as one of the best Spanish filmmakers . His usual film editor is own wife , Teresa Font . Vicente is an expert on literary adaptations ,as he has adapted four novels by Juan Marsé (Canciones Amor en Lolita's Club (2007),El Amante Bilingüe (1993),Si Te Dicen Que Caí (1989) and La Muchacha De Las Bragas De Oro (1980). Vicente often shoots strong erotic scenes , being ¨jealousy¨, a customary issue in his films . Vicente has been working from the 60s with ¨Fata Morgana¨ , Las Crueles¨ , ¨Novia Ensangrentada¨ , ¨Clara es el Precio¨ , among others . His greatest successes were intense dramas with plenty of sex such as ¨Amantes¨, ¨Pasion Turca¨ , ¨Si Dicen Que Cai¨ , ¨Intruso¨ , ¨Tiempo De Silencio¨ , ¨Carmen¨ , along with a delinquency tale : ¨El Lute¨ I and II starred by Imanol Arias , his fetish actor along with Victoria Abril (They have worked together 12 times) and specially the historical story titled ¨Juana La Loca¨ also dealing with jealousy . And this ¨Amantes¨, easily the best of the numerous films of Aranda .

Reviewed by alberto_42110 / 10

Awesome Movie!

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen! The acting was superb and you could easily transport yourself to post WWII Spain and really immerse yourself in the movie. Paco was so immature for not realizing the treasure he had in Trini. Yes, she was puritan-like BUT these women are exactly the most passionate and affectionate lovers ONCE you get them to relax and enjoy. Getting back to the movie, Victoria Abril is tremendous as the experience and conniving "older" lady, Trini was so authentic as the shy and innocent girlfriend and Paco was very good as the inexperienced and ignorant boyfriend. Now, for me the best part of this movie is that the events and story of this movie ACTUALLY HAPPENED! Amazing! Do not miss this movie! Albert

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle8 / 10

Victoria Abril amazing

It's the 1950's Madrid. Paco (Jorge Sanz) is getting out of the army and set to marry his commander's nanny/maid Trini (Maribel Verdú). She is saving herself for marriage and sends him to Luisa (Victoria Abril) to rent a room. He starts a factory job. Luisa seduces him and they have a torrid affair. Trini senses the affair and tries to win him back by sleeping with him.

Victoria Abril is amazing. She is wondrous and does powerful acting. Maribel Verdú is a nice foil to her. Jorge Sanz faces the tougher task of playing the weaker sex and he does a great job. This is a movie of these three terrific actors in compelling performances.

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