Good Luck Chuck


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by seawalker6 / 10

I laughed a lot. Forgive me.

What do I care about credibility? I thought that "Good Luck Chuck" was funny.

Of course it goes without saying that "Good Luck Chuck" really is a load of rubbish. However, it does deliver exactly what it says on the tin (or in the trailer) and you can hardly complain about being misled if you hand over your pounds, dollars, rand or groats to see it.

"Good Luck Chuck" is gross, crass, sexist, probably misogynist, has lots and lots of gratuitous nudity (even if the lovely Jessica Alba's no nudity clause just about manages to stay intact - boo, hiss!),fat jokes, slapstick comedy and penguin porn.

Actually, thinking about it, "Good Luck Chuck" has a pretty good setup for a porno comedy. Dentist Charlie is cursed in that every woman he sleeps with eventually leaves him and finds true love in the arms of their very next partner. Women flock to Charlie and that's great, but then Charlie meets his perfect girl. Can Charlie break the curse?

'Course he can. But you knew that.

As romantic comedies go, "Good Luck Chuck" isn't bad. There are a lot worse movies about.

I laughed a lot. Forgive me.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

Dane Cook not that bad in this but the movie is still not funny

Charlie Logan (Dane Cook) has been hexed by a disgruntled girl since a childhood game of spin the bottle gone wrong. He is now a womanizing dentist. His best friend Stu (Dan Fogler) since childhood is now the plastic surgeon next door. Charlie gets a reputation as a good luck charm. Every woman he sleeps with finds their dream beau immediately after splitting up. He is enchanted by bumbling Cam Wexler (Jessica Alba). Cam is leery of Charlie's womanizing reputation, and Charlie doesn't want Cam to find her dream man.

There is something about Dane Cook that annoys me to no end. It's some kind of annoying smugness in his persona. At least, Dan Fogler is outdoing him on that front in this movie. Cook isn't that bad in this movie. And there is the adorable Jessica Alba. However it's still not a good comedy.

Reviewed by kosmasp7 / 10

Smell what Dane is cooking

There was a particular point in time, where Dane Cook was cast as romantic lead ... in raunchy comedies mostly. And I was a bit surprised Netflix had this in the uncut/unrated form. It's not that much longer, but has a few more bits ... to show. No pun intended.

Although if that offends you, do not even think about watching the movie. Sensibilities be damned, but the movie has more than a couple of scenes that might make you cringe to say the least. Be it the crazy (cursed) individual of your choice (the bad luck Alba or the only once a woman getting lucky Cook) or the best friend of our male lead ... who seems to share the title "creep" with his buddy.

Again there is much to hate, but there can be also much to love. It all depends on how much slack you are willing to cut the movie ... because it is a movie or if you are not able to go there and just plain hate it for the cliches it serves up for a laugh (or tries to serve up for a laugh) ...

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