Love Under the Lemon Tree


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Maddison Bullock as Beck Waterford
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by manoj-mi58 / 10

Love this Movie - Awesome watch for a Friday Afternoon

The movie plot starts with a good pace, and gives you the perfect story that you have been waiting for. The cinematography is really nice. The destinations selected for the screenplay is awesome and brings out the user's interest in the movie. Although I kinda feel that it they rushed the story in the ending.

Maddison Bullock's acting in the movie has to be appreciated. She brings out the best of her to attract viewer's attention.

Anthony Coons' acting was spectacular. James Hyde just shows out the true feeling to his character.

In conclusion, it is a really good movie and worth your 90 minutes.

Reviewed by hallmarkmov5 / 10

Over the top lessons and a plot lines that were all over the place

The movie is set in a beautiful location. It was a charming city location and lemon tree farm. The lemon clearly looked fake as they were places everywhere! But what got me was the story. It could have been very straightforward and the main plot was with the photography competition but the B plots were too much! The competitive famous photographer? Was she good or bad? A failed pilot career? Mysteriously super nice cabins that are ready for anyone to live in when they didn't have time to clean them? The weird social media phobia about his wife that passed away? It had nothing to do with the farm or harming it?!!! What was that random plot that was thrown in? Also where was the lady printing all these photos? She didn't have a printer and I don't think the cabin came with one. I thought the cabins were for farm workers. At the end of the movie there is a crazy long running sequence. I've so ever seen someone run soooo much! Through the farm, the streets, the store, chasing a cruise like boat we've never seen before. Also does this farm also grow limes? Cause that seems to be the secret ingredient in the lemonade. The ocean area could be a great location for a different movie, it's a very photogenic place.

Reviewed by anniepanda-6972510 / 10

Love this movie

Loved the backdrop of Catalina Island. That in itself was truly amazing. Anthony Coons was outstanding as a widowed Husband and Father. When he explained how his Dad got burned before you understood why he was so leery of Beck. There is nothing wrong with having to earn trust. When the trust was earned though their chemistry exploded. Bravo Anthony and Beck. Please keep these movies coming. Totally enjoyable!!!

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