Love After Love


Action / Drama / Romance

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Andie MacDowell Photo
Andie MacDowell as Suzanne
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Chris O'Dowd as Nicholas
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Juliet Rylance as Rebecca
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Matt Salinger as Michael
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ikanboy6 / 10

Great for critics, for viewers not so much.

The movie purports to be about grief. What we see is all the dysfunction expressed as projected rage, alcoholism, and all the function as "getting on with it." What we don't see is how the "grief" has transformed these people. We never get to see them transform. For all we know we may not be seeing just grief but personalities that have always been that way. It ain't pretty for the son's who dissolve into childishness, and it's hopeful for the widow who hews to maturity. It certainly does not paint a nice picture of liberal elitists.

Reviewed by Dont_let_govt_divide_us1 / 10

Profane and slow

28MAR2020 {1/10 stars F}Recommend? No; Movie is rated NR but should be rated R for nudity, profanity and frequent sexual content.

I did not choose to play this movie, but watched anyway. Very slow movie with long scene's where very little of notable interest happens. Almost no introduction of characters, no idea who is who in relation to each other. Annoying background music that is loud and over bearing at times.

CONTENT ADVISORY: Scene with Suzanne drying off in the bathroom and her bare left breast is seen. Closeup of an unknown man's hand shown near an unknown woman's groin while sitting at the table during a family dinner. Four or five sex scenes shown between various male/female couples two of the women shown to be naked from behind with a bare back facing the camera. F-word said various ways, jackass, sh't, stand up comedy routine degrading Jesus and some miracles He performed and other things He did. Few scenes of alcohol drinking, intoxicated man shown from behind urinating in someone's house with a lot of commotion of people trying to stop him.

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Reviewed by bowieec9 / 10

Lovely & thoughtful film - how did people have trouble following it??

Slightly esoteric and lovely essay on how family members process grief and move on from it -- or not. I've read some of the personal reviews and I wonder how viewers had such a hard time understanding what was going on and puting it all together. This movie is NOT James Joyce or William Faulkner stream of consciousness. The time changes follow the narrative and inform the viewer about how a character got where they are or shows where they may be headed. This film examines how grief affects different members of this family and how it can exacerbate their own flaws and failed relationships. Andie MacDowell really shines here. I thought it was a lovely film and a great debut by the director.

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