Long Lost


Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Fran Kranz as Mystery Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gustheaffen3 / 10

Bad acting, annoying characters

This was done in a very amateur way, bad acting, story full of holes and annoying characters. The twist is pretty lackluster and dies nothing to save the story. If anything brings in more holes. Much better movies out there.

Reviewed by deloudelouvain7 / 10

Twisted and intriguing story.

Long Lost has some good things going for it. The best thing would be the plot, that is innovative and interesting at the same time. It changes from the same boring stories we're used to. The story is intriguing, it will keep you guessing what's going on, and it has some sexual tension building all the way through the movie. The acting wasn't bad at all, with some twisted characters that made it worth watching. The actual ratings it get are a bit harsh, it just deserves a higher rating.

Reviewed by ops-525359 / 10

believe it or not

This is a familyreunion, the smallest possible on the numeric scale, unless your the sole survivor of an accident, in the strangest and coolest ways seen for ages. i did not see the conclusion of the tale, maybe because im old and stupid, or just of love of the imaginative role as a fly on the wall and because of a smashingly beautiful blonde , like one i used to know many years ago

it has a lot of sexual carachter where the unicorn meets the capricorn, that tries to fornicate hin in the most satyriconial way.. there are also a few ''i dare you''-games, and the one including marshmallows called chubby bunny, made my musculus transversum abdominis go crazy of laughter by the sight of the actors, who did this flick kinda watchable and pretty victorious.

its a two locations movie, and the main cast consists of only 4 persons,and the mansion used , must be the dream house for rich and like me, the poor. the filming are good, and the use of light are great. its well edited as to maintain the pace of the plot. the story must have been used in a modified version in earlier productions, ,but that doesnt matter, it felt original to me, and luckily in the end the one you care for during the screentime made a happy flee from the getogether, alot richer on wealth, and extremely glad he got away , freaked out , but alive.

there are many positive and many negative(rigid) reviews on this flick on imdb, but the flavour of this dish, where just spiced and fried long and good enough to make a grumpy old man smile more than a dusin times. its recommended with a strong 9

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