Letters to Satan Claus


Action / Comedy / Horror

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Miriam McDonald as Mayor Danica
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Maya Misaljevic as Little Holly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-525354 / 10

and a satanic...

Christmas to you too. well its a demonic christmas to counterweight all the sugarsweet billionaires perfect tv-movie x-mas'es that every believer get squared eyes out of this time and days of the year.

allright , its a terrible movie like everything else of slicky holiday brainmash, its colourfilled and revengeful, and its an alternative ... the only thing that i find granting by this flick is the use of colour and light. the comedy is flat and hairless, with cheap special effects and inedible caracters, even the grinch or antisanta or ''julabokken'', as we would call it here in norway, which by the way is the norwegian alternative of halloween where us kids rants up in costumes more or less xmasified and asthmatic as santa himself, ringing doorbelles , and singalongsongs of bethlehem to get a treat for the disharmony of overfilled stomachs, getting a mandarine or a rotten clementine, or winning the golden ticket, recieving an light blue fritjof nansen 10 kroner bill if you were lucky and be sure they got a horn in thy side, or got horned up if no rewards were given... sorry lost my track there

as i usually do when viewing massproduced silly symphonies of bad tasting x-mas movies, but its better than nothing, and its meaner than usual, so if you take the alternative way, then clutch the last straw of lsd and handkerchief yorself on psychedelia ,cause the grumpy old man wish you all a very xmas and a hipp hipp horray for solstice, summer is coming back,and so will also my tan , and a maks of 4...

Reviewed by toddsgraham4 / 10

A horror spoof of Hallmark/Lifetime Xmas movies with a Krampus twist...

As other reviewers have pointed out, this is a horror spoof of the (Hallmark, Lifetime, UPtv, ION Television, and others) Christmas (romance) genre. It also draws heavily from the Krampus folklore (and the dozen or so Krampus-based movies),a horned animal-like figure that scares children who have misbehaved at Christmas (the opposite of Saint Nicholas). At the center of the movie is Holly Frost (played by Karen Knox),a well-known TV news reporter who has a very cynical view of life, especially of Christmas. She returns to her hometown, after many years, where she falls in love while facing off Satan, who she accidentally wrote to as a child by misspelling her letter to Santa. Going into this one, I had low expectations, as the spoof genre, in general, doesn't produce many good films, unless you are a teenage boy, which seems to be the demographic this genre of film appeals to. This movie is no different. As a comedy, I thought it wasn't very good, as I did not laugh once during the movie, not even a chuckle. The closes I came to laughing was during the angel cookie scene, which I did enjoy watching. It is a pity they did not develop it a bit more (I also liked the Snowman's eyes). There was some potential in this movie around the horror angle. That said, the acting, though silly (as another reviewer put it),was pretty good, overall. I thought Knox had a very strong performance. She had a 'Bad Santa' vibe to her portrayal of Holly, which worked well on screen, I thought. The supporting cast too had a solid performance. It was a bit ironic having Michael Xavier (as Sheriff Noel) in the movie, as he has starred in two Christmas movies this season: Hallmark's Christmas Comes Twice and Lifetime's Christmas on Wheels. They should have used this in the film, as it is a spoof of these types of movies, of course. However, given viewer demographics (verses, e.g., those of Hallmark movies),I suspect not many people watching this movie would have picked up on it (as they would not have seen the above-mentioned movies). All in all, there is nothing to see here unless you are a fan of the spoof genre or a teenage boy.

Reviewed by laurainmark5 / 10

Silly premise. Silly execution.

The premise signals not to take the movie serious so lower your expectations from the outset. The movie does deliver on some tidbits of pitch dark humor and fun gory surprises. If you are a person who laughs at inappropriate jokes then you will find a few sensible chuckles scattered about the film. I have two chief complaints: 1. It did not go far enough with the dark humor. It felt like they were tempering the laughs for fear of being too offensive. They sandwhich the dark bits between light-hearted 'human' momments. This hurts the pacing and is unnecessary. Anyone who signs on for the premise of a Santa letter to Satan wants to be taken on a full blown offensive humor ride. Spare us the feel good coddling. We don't need it. 2. Christmas movies traditionally have a happy, hopeful, ending filled with redemption, and this movie is no exception, but it feels like wimping out here. I didn't want to smile at the conclusion. I wanted a sick punchline to make me groan out a wicked laugh, so I feel cheated in that sense. Bottom line: Fun premise with a few fun momments. Worth a watch, but falls short of its dark promise.

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