Letters to God


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bluepolkadotsxo10 / 10

People need to grow up, stop the hatred, and let people believe what they want to believe,

This is a beautiful, well-done movie and it's very very clear that the only reason it has a low rating is because a bunch of atheists/ anti-Christian extremists/ just plain a-holes decided to give it 1 star without even seeing the movie. Trust me, that's the only reason... and they are only making themselves look pathetic because there is only three pages of reviews, all but one of which are extremely good (in the 7-10 range),yet there is a 4 point something average. What does that tell us? That obviously all of the low ratings don't even have written reviews, they are simply votes. Therefore, no one has any logical support to back up there reason for a 1 star rating, probably because they haven't even SEEN the movie they just decide "hey, what I believe is right and I don't believe there is a God so I'm just going to lowly rate this in some attempt to demean or put down all who do believe in him." People are so stupid and you just can't trust what you see nowadays.

I'm not even a Christian and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

People need to stop being so narrow-minded and cold hearted and just let people believe what they want to believe. You can't prove to someone they're wrong. Most Christians don't try to prove anything to non-Christians, we let it go that a lot of the world doesn't believe in God. That's totally fine. So why can't you just let it go that a lot of other people in the world do believe in God? That's totally fine, too. You all need to open up your minds and stop being so utterly immature. Damn.

Reviewed by tntnavin10 / 10

Everyone should see this movie! Outstanding!!!

I am SHOCKED at the negative messages on this board. This movie was incredible!! Fireproof was incredible!! Facing the Giants was incredible!! It opens up dialogue and reassured my children they are never alone and they can get through hard times without turning to alcohol or other things. Stay positive, have hope, know peace! Take your kids! My 9 and 6 yr. old loved the movie. My 6 yr. old son has already had 3 open heart surgeries, 7 heart procedures and will be facing another open heart due to a heart defect. Spend a few hours at a Children's hospital and you will see the THOUSANDS of family members affected by any terminal illness not to mention their friends at school, co-workers/friends/neighbors of their parents, relatives.

My son never cried in the movie, he wasn't afraid, he was proud to see another with a large scar, going through similar things he has, being called God's Warrior in the movie gave him the biggest smile. You never want your children to be afraid or feel alone! This movie gives people HOPE! LOVE! COMPASSION! It helps sibling relationships.

After the movie, he gave me the biggest hug and said, THIS WAS THE BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN! He loved it, we all did. It is not a movie of death or cancer but LIFE and what you do with it while you are here! Your choices in dealing with difficult days which everyone has. Reaching out to people, friends, neighbors, relatives, even a church.

See it and go open minded.

Reviewed by kenmaryj10 / 10

Inspiring movie

Disclosure: I believe in God and spirituality is a big part of my life. So while I don't share all of the beliefs that come through in this movie, much of the message was meaningful to me. For someone who isn't particularly religious, this movie may come on a little strong. If you believe in God and the power of prayer, however, I don't see how you can come away from this movie not being moved. Sure, there were times when the dialogue or acting seemed a little clichéd. However, the overall message allowed me to overlook any of the weaker parts. I am very picky about movies, so I'm not a seasoned movie reviewer. All I know is that the characters felt real, I felt very engaged, and it caused me to want to continue to live my life to the best of my ability. In other words, I think the movie can have a very positive effect on its viewers. I believe the best movies are those that make us think, reflect on our lives, and inspire us to do more. This was one of those movies for me.

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