OMG: Oh My God!

2012 [HINDI]

Action / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy

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Tisca Chopra as Interviewer
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Akshay Kumar as Krishna Vasudev Yadav
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Mithun Chakraborty as Leeladhar Maharaj
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jmoneyjohal10 / 10

One of the most path breaking bollywood films ever!!!!

WOW, what a film, I was pretty much speechless after i exited the theater. The message this film gives is that god is in every human being, then why do we go looking for him in mandhirs, churches, mosaics, gurdwaras, etc Why has god and religion become a business, why do we spends millions and billions of dollars at religious places as people when we can take that same money and help the poor, won't god be more happy then. This and many more messages are conveyed in this movie through characters, like Kanji Bhai, Krishna, etc Another really plus point about the film is that it is told in a light hearted way, in a comedy, the film isn't very preachy and still conveys its beautiful and real message. For me when it comes to performances Paresh Rawal has just done such an amazing job, he deserves all the applauds, accolades, awards, in the world for his portrayal as Kanji bhai. Akshay Kumar as always is very good in a small but important role, his and Paresh's chemistry is just too good. Other notable performances Mithun, was really good as the sadhu, and so was Govind Namdev. Music was good and suited the film very well. All tech aspects were just perfect. Umesh Shukla the director is the heart of the film and he has done an incredible job, he deserves, a national award for his efforts, he was just that good. A special mention for the amazing dialogues very smart and well written,

So all in all this is must watch film for not just the people in India, but for everyone in the world. A masterpiece film, this should be India's official entry to the Oscars. its that good and beyond one of the best movies ever made in bollywood. 10 out 10 rating

Reviewed by namashi_19 / 10

An Entertaining, Well-Intentioned & Superbly Acted Film!

Adapted from a highly acclaimed Gujrati play named Kanji Virrudh Kanji, 'OMG Oh My God!' is An Entertaining, Well-Intentioned & Superbly Acted Film! Its an honest, meaningful, humorous & heartfelt film that definitely deserves a watch.

'OMG Oh My God!' Synopsis: An antique shopkeeper takes god to court when his shop is destroyed by a tornado.

'OMG Oh My God!' is a Winner, without a shed of doubt. The Drama works big time & The Narrative is extremely engaging. Kanjibhai's battle with the Almighty, entertains all through, with hardly any dull moment. The strong moral as well as the entertainment quotient take the film to the winning post.

Bhavesh Mandalia & Umesh Shukla's Adapted Screenplay is thoroughly entertaining & heartfelt. It offers a strong moral! Umesh Shukla's Direction is perfect. Cinematography & Editing are fair. Music by Himesh Reshammiya & Meet Bros Anjjan, is decent.

Performance-Wise: Mithun Chakraborty is mesmerizing. The versatile actor plays the evil god-man with utter brilliance. Paresh Rawal is superb as Kanjibhai, portraying the stern atheist with complete conviction. Akshay Kumar is likable as god. Mahesh Manjrekar is excellent. Govind Namdeo is impressive. Poonam Jhawer does a decent job. Om Puri lends grace & clarity in a brief role.

On the whole, 'OMG Oh My God!' is a must see. Go Get Entertained & Enlightened!

Reviewed by silvan-desouza7 / 10


When the promos were out I thought the film will be a mockery but thankfully it isn't. The film tells a true story of how in today's times religion is a money making practise, the promos gave an indication that it is a fight between man and god but that is only half the story. The main focus is how we are cheated by malpractises in the name of religion for money. The film is a satire, inspired by a play Kanjibhai vs God The film starts off well with Paresh's character well introduced, the scene where he clashes with Govind Namdeo a bit corny yet well handled, the twist is superb too and then the entire God vs Paresh angle is well handled. The best part is Paresh's character is shown very realistic and his problems are identifiable, though the Godmen are shown as carricatures and several scenes are theatrical too but the message is well presented. The scenes were Paresh confronts Govind Namdeo, Mithun in the courtroom is superb, The pre-climax however is not only prolonged but also could be written better though the climax is good

Direction by Umesh Shukla is good Music is good, Go Govinda track wasn't required though rest songs are good

Paresh Rawal is simply outstanding, for a man who off recent was doing rubbish roles it's nice to see him play a twisted role though he has played it in the play before, he adds a lot to the character and is superb Akshay Kumar is releagated to the background and does his part ably though his character could be more effective Mithun excels as the evil godmen though his gestures do tend to get repetitive at times, Govind Namdeo is back to hamming and loud acting after subtle act in HEROINE Mahesh Manjerekar is good and thankfully doesn't overact Lubna Salim as Paresh's wife is decent, Om Puri leaves a mark in a short role, Nikhil Ratnaparkhi is superb as Mahadev Murli Sharma, Arun Bali are adequate

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