Lemon Tree Passage


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by quincytheodore3 / 10

A truly random haunting

Lemon Tree Passage looks like a movie made from three different rejected screenplays. It's utterly inconsistent, shifting its tone multiple times and using cliché base premise that doesn't pan out in any way. It even has stupid teenagers cast who mock how ridiculous campfire story is, and then the movie proceeds on doing that exact same ridiculous cliché.

This is the same old story about a group of teenager who try an urban legend. The characters are identical to almost every other horror movies, the main lead brunette who has visions all the time, the possible love interest cool guy, the blondie and the comic relief. They behave in a very predictable way, this might just be a copy of bloopers from 80s horror movie.

After a while the logic crumbles as both the characters and even the haunting act in such arbitrary manner. Splitting up in crisis is foolish, but these people split up off-screen without any reasons. The supposed entity even haunts sporadically, it jumps from scene to scene as urban legend, possession and whatever horror gimmick the mood takes it.

The movie is a consecutive series of random occurrences which lose any sense of continuity or even structure after thirty minutes, which is already thirty minutes of your life that could've been saved.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo7 / 10

Let's do it again.

Three Americans in Australia for fun and sun come across a couple of local boys who tell them a "real live" ghost story. The story goes, a motorcyclist was killed one night on the road by a car of speeding teens. If a carload of teens go speeding down the highway, a light appears behind the car that looks like a motorcycle. The kids do it and sure enough they see the light except for Maya (Jessica Tovey) whose hobbies include nose bleeds, bad dreams , and sleep walking.

After a night at the local's house they go try it again, this time stationing Oscar (Andrew Ryan) on the side of the road with phone camera to catch a close up of said ghost...things don't go the way the kids would have wanted it.

The script shows originality. I thought the twist was a letdown as compared to the biker story. It was at this point the low budget aspect entered the film. The build up to the killings was more scary and suspenseful than the killing themselves.

Guide: F-bomb. Brief rape and nudity (Piera Forde)

Reviewed by trashgang3 / 10

stay away from Lemon Tree Passage

Urban legends, where's the time that there was a flick simply named that way. But back to this flick. Friends on holiday do hear by local youth about an accident happened way back on Lemon Tree Passage were one died and when you drive the Passage very fast you will see it's ghost.

Promising, yes, and it starts off rather okay with something seen on youtube of someone capturing the light of the ghost on the passage and do they scream, yes, so hell is out there. Let me tell you, it was hell to watch this.

Nothing works here, the story is simple, the effects are laughable, for example the hanging, okay, I can dig it, but the rope isn't tight and still he do hang. Really? And there are other things that made me go ooow, and huh all over this flick. And the ending so predictable, no I rather stay away from this passage.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 1/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5

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