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Reviewed by Prismark108 / 10

Have your cake and eat it

Matthew Vaughn who produced the Guy Ritchie gangster films steps in for his directorial debut with Layer Cake.

The film opens with a stylised sequence that grabs you buy the lapels as Daniel Craig goes through a few house rules on being player in the drugs trade.

This is the film that is said to have convinced the Bond producers that Craig was the man to get 007 status.

Craig plays a suave cocaine dealer who is more a businessman than a gangster and with a sideline in a legitimate business. With enough money laundered he is on the verge of calling it quits but like the Pacino character in Carlito's Way, things are never that simple when you want to walk away.

When crime boss Jimmy Price wants him to do a few favours things rapidly spiral out of control. He is implicated with rival gangsters, a Serb hitman and various double crosses.

Craig holds your attention from the very beginning, the plot rattles along at an entertaining pace. It maybe is one of the better British gangster films in the last 20 years.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca3 / 10

Dumb, wannabe British gangster film

I'm a big fan of Guy Ritchie's British gangster films LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS and, especially, SNATCH, so when I saw this Daniel Craig-starrer was directed by the guy who produced those two films, I thought I'd check it out. Sadly, LAYER CAKE is a dull and derivative piece of work that shows what happens when film-makers churn out familiar, predictable movies in a bid to cash-in on the perceived current popularity of the genre. It happened with Japanese long-haired ghost girl movies, and it happened with British gangster movies. LAYER CAKE contains absolutely nothing we haven't seen before and it's a case of style over substance. Ritchie's films provide a liberal inspiration, as does Tarantino's PULP FICTION, but the difference is that LAYER CAKE has no heart and the style ain't that great, either.

Things begin on a bad foot with some truly atrocious comedy from some 'chav'-type gangsters and after a while the story begins for real. Basically, it involves Daniel Craig and his criminal buddies getting involved with stolen drugs and rival gangsters, and it all gets very complicated and not very interesting. This might well have been the reason Craig became Bond, because his acting's great and the best thing in this film, but his character is unlikeable and doesn't get a chance to be developed enough. Elsewhere, the supporting actors seem to be just going through the ropes: Michael Gambon and Kenneth Cranham as older generation gangsters, Colm Meaney as yet ANOTHER shouty-sweary-sweaty guy (basically THE SAME as the character he played in CON AIR),Sienna Miller as a dumb bimbo and others besides.

Granted, the film does have a few stand-out moments of genuine goodness; the sniper scene is one of these. There are some other memorable moments, usually the violent bits, a couple involving hot tea and an iron, but these are mere minutes in what seems like a very long film. The 'twist' ending is ripped straight out of CARLITO'S WAY and really was the final insult for this viewer. LAYER CAKE is a dumb, wannabe film and fans of the genre should stick with SNATCH.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

got good intensity in a Guy Ritchie style story

XXXX (Daniel Craig) considers himself to be a business as he quietly and carefully becomes the biggest cocaine supplier in London. Morty is his loyal muscle. Then crime boss Jimmy Price forces XXXX to find Eddie Temple's daughter Charlie. Jimmy assigns his man Gene (Colm Meaney) to help. At the same time, he's trying buy a large shipment from Duke who stole it from a gang of Serbian war criminals. He falls for party girl Tammy (Sienna Miller).

Matthew Vaughn delivers a harsh twisty crime movie. Daniel Craig has a tough menace that allows him to take center in a wild and densely packed crime story. There are a few too many characters with a couple of too many twists. Craig maintains the attention. Vaughn has taken a bit of Guy Ritchie's sensibilities and added his own intensity.

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