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Reviewed by sarthakbharad-368518 / 10


This is Gujarati cinema at it's peak. It really sets a new bar of expectations for me now as to how even the lowest of budgets can produce a film of this quality.

Gujarati films recently have just been narrowed down to either being romance dramas or comedies (the only exception being Raado (2022)). You really can't expect anything else from a Gujarati film and for a while, even I thought that this was good for a regional movie industry as almost every film that was produced was at the very least watchable and a good escape from the normal rush of life. I myself preferred to watch Gujarati film every once in a while to satisfy that inner urge to find escapism from my day-to-day routine. Now, after seeing this film, I am really starting to despise those films.

This film understands what films essentially are and what they mean to some people. The director knows not everyone in the state is going to like it and he simply does not cater to them. He just makes sure that the target audience he's going for gets the best experience they are going to get at the movies (and he succeeds at the task with flying colours).

I won't spoil anything about this beautiful film to you and I will just urge you to watch this beautiful piece of art in the biggest screen possible. Not just because this film is India's official entry for the 2022 Academy Awards but because it is a step up than the regular regional films we've been getting lately.

I personally connected with the film on a core level and was just crying in the climax with how beautifully it ends. The film ends with a shining ray of hope that if you like something, you've dedicated yourself to it, and you've understood everything there is to, you will get to it eventually. The road is not going to be easy, and there will be great hurdles in the way which will make you want to quit (even though you've come this far) but the stars eventually do line-up for you and give you that one chance which completely changes your life. Whether you take that chance or not is upto you because stars may not line-up for you again. I salute the makers of this film for making this and giving me the experience of a lifetime; of cinema.

One thing that I would like to point out is that the film is, at times, too similar to Cinema Paradiso (1999). If you've seen that film, you'll instantly start spotting the similarities it has with the film and that can drag you out a little bit from the film. However, it does have major changes near the end of the film where it manages to make an identity of it's own in realistic and brutal ways which, I thought were beautiful.

Reviewed by Fulton200710 / 10

Modern-day Masterpiece!

I have previously predicted and written that Pan Nalin is one of the most innovative and soulful filmmaker of modern era. Each of his movie is fresh with renewed moviemaking style and substance. And Last Film Show is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. It's gorgeous and deeply moving, It's tragic and terrific, It's the purest cinema with unbelievable simplicity and poetry. Pan Nalin not only celebrates magic of movies but also the magic of being unknowing genius. From Lumiere Brothers to Tarkovsky, Pan Nalin packs in so many punches and passion filled plots in one single movie -as if he has managed to pay homage to the entire gamut of movie magic and entertainment industry.

Last Film Show took me on an incredible voyage as if I was in a trance. I was hypnotized by this skillfully crafted movie and totally blown away by the command of direction, cinematography, editing and sound design.

I laughed, I fell silent, I was anxious, I was scared, then laughed again -but in the end it made me weep. This movie is breathtaking and heartbreaking both at the same time. It touches you deep within. It is a top-notch quality entertainment that is so inspiring - you will come out of the movie feeling happy, positive and uplifted.

Super highly recommended -and watch this movie with your family and friends -and it is an absolute must for those who love cinema!

Open your heart and let the Pan Nalin flood your heart with his light...

Reviewed by coolbhaleraoomkar9 / 10

This movie gave me hope that India can still make good cinema..

I watched this film with my whole filmmaking class. If you are a filmmaker you are gonna love this. I don't know why it got very less rating but it deserves more than you think. The director did a brilliant job. The cinematography of this Film was outstanding. And the story was just perfect. I think everyone should watch this. Seeing this gave me hope thats indian cinema can Still make good films. The acting and the dialogue was on point and the story was also well paced. If you love old Indian cinema then watching this film will be a trip down the memory lane. Overall a 9/10 movie and totally worth sending it to Oscar.

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