Last and First Men


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mrdonleone9 / 10

Philosophy on philosophy

The question of causes how much of these beautiful words have become in reality and I had a making a movie about it instead of changing the present way of characters we living and that is the real truth that all of these Hollywood movies they are just cassian's like big corporate cows and because of this it really matters nothing what Tilda swinton is proclaiming but really if you're watching this you must say what difference does it make if I am I wasting my time because there is no god next to Allah and Hollywood leads straight to hell allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu Akbar (yet at the same time one good question why I am watching the movie which would be a good question on sick as well).

Reviewed by Tweetienator5 / 10

Not That Innovative

Last and First Men seems to be one of those movies (books, records etc.) that splits the audience mainly in two groups: those who are very enthusiastic about it and those who despise it. Myself, I am not enthusiastic nor I despise the movie, indifference is maybe the best word to describe my perception of Last and First Men - I was not very impressed by the pictures (big scale concrete sculptures shot in black and white nor by the soundtrack (which is pretty standard ambient stuff),nor got I the nerve to listen to Swindon's voice telling us a story to the end. Anyway, if you want something to watch and listen to to chill, and if you like experimental stuff (here again, the movie is not THAT experimental or innovative like some reviewers claim, that's at least my opinion) you may give this one a try - it may be that the movie hits just the right buttons and you may find some kind of enlightenment ;)

Reviewed by TheHoodOfSwords7 / 10

Not enough something

Couldn't finish this one. I'm sorry, the score is excellent and it grabs you at first but I just couldn't get into it as much as I wanted. It's all black and white photos or footage that have little or nothing to do with what is being described. They re describing such vast worlds that are crazy but the images show none of that. I understand it's probably the point to say that life and existence are so simple and meaningless but I just couldn't get into it. The narration is so simple but the pictures so artistic. I can't help but feel it either did not need the visual element, or it should have been more like a traditional film. It's got its good parts but I just couldn't get fully into it.

I also can't help but feel that it fails in the fact the narrator is talking to you. You're supposed to be the protagonist of the story I guess but it doesn't feel genuine. I also take issue with the fact they're like omnipotent beings but the sun expanding is not something they can counter or outrun. It feels fake.

Overall, it's just not my cup of tea. I got about 40 minutes into it before I called it off. Sorry. This was my first VIFF film though so that's exciting!

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