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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gavin69429 / 10

I Wish This Film Had Been Five Hours Long

What happens when a squad of corrupt cops in the 1950s explore a murder case from multiple angles and find their corruption coming back on them like chickens coming home to roost? Who will solve the crime? Who will survive and what will be left of them?

This movie is phenomenal. The only reason I didn't give it 10 out of 10 is because I didn't care for the ending (which I won't reveal). It's a world were Hollywood and law enforcement cross over and even the hookers want to be movie stars.

I have not read the Ellroy novels, but I have been told they are even more intricate than this film with a lot more backstory. I would watch a five or six hour version of this film. But even so, that is the strong point of this film: multiple stories that begin to overlap. Sure, others (Tarantino) have tried this, but I think this is the most expertly done conception I've seen yet.

Kevin Spacey's part as a Hollywood obsessed cop is beautiful and he fits the part to a tee. His role is supposed to be similar to Dean Martin and I can see that; Spacey again harnessed this kind of character when he made "Beyond the Sea". Spacey's role is the connection between the world of law and the world of fame.

Russell Crowe plays the "bad cop" who crosses the line with sheer thuggery and an attraction to a prostitute (Kim Basinger, who does a fine job being both alluring yet tasteful). His part was supposed to be for Michael Madsen (one of the greatest actors of all time for a cop/crook movie),but I think Crowe may have been the better choice. Who else can be a natural thug?

Guy Pearce... I was not sure how to take him. I have not enjoyed him ("Time Machine") and yet also loved him ("Memento"). In the beginning, I thought it would be another geeky Pearce role and I was a bit concerned. But as the film progresses, so does Pearce's character become more lovable and impressive. You'll agree.

Danny DeVito was okay and James Cromwell was insidiously delightful.

Brian Helgeland adapted this screenplay. You may know him best as the writer of "A Knight's Tale" and "The Order". The Order was crappy. But A Knight's Tale is fantastic. This, by far, will go down as his crowning achievement. He may as well call up Michael Bay and go retire in the South Seas where they'll never be found.

Simply put, this is the best film I've seen in at least a month (and I watch at least a movie a day). Maybe the best film I've seen all year. Don't set this movie aside, you need to put this on the top of your honeydew list.

Reviewed by MartinHafer6 / 10

not as good as I expected

This movie is a 1990s version of the old film noir movies of the 40s and 50s. Technically speaking, it is an excellent movie. The photography (though not in black and white) was good, direction and pacing smooth and acting was top-notch. So why didn't I like the movie more? First, I found it hard to like anyone. You don't want to like the bad guys, but having the hero have sex with prostitute Bassinger seemed really out of character for a "good guy" (as well as yucky considering how many other men had plunged into her nether-regions before him). Secondly, film noir WAS violent and, at times, unforgiving but it wasn't this graphic. Yes, this is probably because LA Confidential was made in 1997 but showing so much isn't so much a homage to the genre but ignoring the rules of film noir--where the viewer knew blood and sex was there but it wasn't explicit.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird10 / 10

Superb film-making

As a fan of mysteries and thrillers and who likes a lot of the cast (such a great one on paper),expectations were high for 'LA Confidential'. And 'LA Confidential' didn't disappoint at all, it is an outstanding film on all levels and should have won the Best Picture Oscar of 1997 and won more.

Visually, 'LA Confidential' looks great. The photography is both audacious and stylish, suitably the story and genre superlatively. A good music score also helps and there is an appropriately haunting one courtesy of one of the greatest film composers ever. Curtis Hansen directs superbly, it has a lot of style and how it balances everything is so cleverly done, he hasn't made a better film and to me it's the best directing of his entire career.

'LA Confidental' richly deserved its Best Screenplay Oscar. No other film that year came close to the film's rich character development, complexity and its refusal to fall into cliché territory. All the characters are compelling in their realism and none of them feel stereotypical or one-sided, actually breaking the mould of good cops and bad villains. The story is gripping in its intensity and thrills, with plenty of unexpected twists and turns, and very rare a dull moment.

The acting is exceptionally full-blooded and there isn't a single weak link. How Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce and Kevin Spacey weren't nominated for Oscars is unfathomable. Spacey in particular is brilliant, though Crowe is appropriately hard-nosed and Pearce has rarely been better.

James Cromwell and Danny De Vito also shine. Cromwell is chillingly insidious and De Vito has never been slimier. Whether Kim Basinger deserved her Oscar win is up for debate, to me it was a very worthy win where she gives her role hard edge and charm.

In conclusion, superb film-making and an outstanding film on all levels. 10/10 Bethany Cox

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