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Bridget Fonda as Jessica Kamen
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Tchéky Karyo as Insp. Richard
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Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend7 / 10

Forget the kiss, this is kick of the dragon.

What do you want from a Jet Li movie? By the time of Kiss Of The Dragon being released, many of his fans had been vociferous about how his film's were losing realism in the fight scenes. Here, teaming up with Luc Besson & Robert Mark Kamen in the writing room, Li himself set about readdressing the balance for American produced martial artistry. The result is of course a preposterous plot that should duly have been expected, but without doubt for action fans this is a real high kicker that delivers thrill after thrill as Li beats up Paris.

The plot simply sees Li as Chinese intelligence agent Liu Siu-jian who is sent to Paris to aid in the apprehension of a Chinese drug lord. Things go belly up when corrupt cops led by Insp. Richard {Tchéky Karyo}wipe out the target and frame Liu Siu-jian for the murder. But he ain't going to take it on the chin. So with the help of prostitute witness Jessica Kamen (Bridget Fonda),he sets about clearing his name whilst perhaps helping Jessica get her life back on track too. Cue the odd couple forming a tender relationship as they shift from one death defying encounter to another.

The action on offer here is excellently put together, there's minimal CGI and even less wire work involved. This is stunts and martial artistry produced by a master craftsman. From a unique use of a snooker ball to an exhilarating smack down with a class of martial arts students, and on to a tag team scrap with the blonde twins, this has enough biff and bam to fill the Louvre itself. Li is on fire, not only one of the toughest guys on the planet, but also one of the coolest. While Fonda is hugely touching in a stereotypical role and Karyo continues to be one of the best psycho actors in the new millennium.

Flaws and plot holes here? Of course. Does it matter in a buttock kicking action movie? Course not. 7.5/10

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca9 / 10

Top martial arts thriller with surprisingly good characterisation

In the five years since Jean-Claude Van Damme kicked criminal backside in the streets of Paris in the intense MAXIMUM RISK, Western newcomer Jet Li (an established martial arts actor in China and beyond for the last twenty years, only now gaining western recognition) is back and doing much the same thing, although with even more style. Unlike Li's recent bomb THE ONE, KISS OF THE DRAGON is an action thriller par excellence, blessed with an extremely good pacing and level of suspense, some intriguing and surprisingly well-developed characters and a plot which mixes tense thriller antics with some very nice martial arts action. The film begins with a major set piece, as Li finds himself framed for a gruesome murder involving a Chinese drug lord and a drug-fuelled prostitute, and must battle a legion of corrupt policemen in the claustrophobic confines of an upper-crust hotel. The action is fast and furious, incorporating an excellent use of props with a steam iron, a laundry chute, and even a snooker ball coming into play during the stylish proceedings! From here on the film slows down a notch, taking care to develop the characters and especially Jet Li's cop. Li - in much the same way as an early-era Steven Seagal - exudes a brooding menace and level of bubbling violence even when he doesn't speak, and when he does get to act he does so with conviction, subtlety and skill. Li is superbly supported by Bridget Fonda, giving her finest performance to date as a tragic prostitute, hooked on heroin by the corrupt Inspector Richard, and forced to sell her body due to her daughter's incarceration by the evil mastermind.

It's also good to see old-timer Burt Kwouk turning up in a non-comedic supporting role, even if all he does is spout a few words of wisdom. Also on hand is Tcheky Karyo, playing the most deranged cop since Gary Oldman in LEON (it comes as no surprise that Luc Besson also produced this movie),a criminal you love to hate who gets his just desserts come the finale, which involves the forbidden "Kiss of the Dragon". As a novel touch, the film sees Li carrying a bracelet full of needles, which he can place into people's necks in a second and paralyse them, or much worse as we eventually see during the climax.

The film is well-shot throughout and makes great use of the Parisian locations, which are as always aesthetically pleasing despite focusing on the dark underbelly of the capital (this may be a reason that American thrillers set in Paris almost always turn out to be good) and the script is intelligent for a change and has realistic dialogue. First-time director Chris Nahon proves to be surprisingly adept at his job and the level of excitement in the film never lets up, even during some lengthy dialogue scenes between Li and Fonda, as they are handled poignantly and with finesse, thus developing a level of chemistry between the stars which is rarely seen in this genre - and thankfully they don't ruin things by having the two leads jumping into the sack at the first available opportunity.

The action sequences are inserted well into the flow of the plot and the only flaw is the editing, which is sometimes so quick that you can't clearly see what's going on (then again, if a multi-million pound blockbuster like THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING can make the same mistake, I can forgive this film too). A steady amount of firepower is used in the movie, with huge machine-guns and grenade-launchers ripping up the scenery and shredding extras; it may not always be realistic for this to happen, but it makes for great spectacle. The film doesn't skimp on the violence either, with the fights being invariably bloody and gruesome, including a sick but funny gag involving a pair of legs, neck-breakings and more. Don't even get me started on the hilariously disgusting climax, either, in which Karyo's character undergoes one of the most painful deaths imaginable.

As for the martial arts, they are superb and rightly so, considering Li's ability. My favourite is probably the moment when he takes on a class of black-belts which offers impossibly fast stick fighting and tons of excitement. Other highlights include the amusing one-on-one with the muscular black guy (who just happens by to show up and fight Li) and the excellent two-on-one at the end in which Li fights a pair of huge blond twins in an office and teaches them both a nasty lesson. KISS OF THE DRAGON is not just a good film; it's a great one, and one which reaffirms my faith in film getting things right occasionally. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

lower rank Luc Besson

Liu Jian (Jet Li) is a Chinese secret agent arriving in Paris to take down a Chinese drug lord. His French contact is vice squad leader Inspector Richard (Tchéky Karyo). Only Richard is dirty and tries to frame him for the drug lord's killing. Jessica Kamen (Bridget Fonda) is an American farm girl forced into prostitution by Richard. He's holding her daughter in an orphanage. Liu Jian managed to grab the video tape showing Richard shooting the drug lord with his confiscated gun. Then by chance, he runs into Jessica again.

This is a Luc Besson production and it has a lot of his touches. Bridget Fonda is back and they even use the laundry chute. It's got some fun Besson-like action. It helps a lot to have Jet Li fighting. The acupuncture needles are a little bit much. The fight in the office with the Twins is amazing. Tchéky Karyo is great at being the villain. The biggest problem I have is the big coincidence. It's beyond ridiculous and rings such a false note. With such a big city, she's hooking right in front of the store.

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